Press reviews after F1 in Spain: "Leclerc has been betrayed by his car"

Max Verstappen wins his third race in a row, Mercedes is on the rise and Ferrari is desperate for technology.

Press reviews after F1 in Spain: "Leclerc has been betrayed by his car"

Max Verstappen wins his third race in a row, Mercedes is on the rise and Ferrari is desperate for technology. At the race in Barcelona, ​​the friends of Formula 1 get all kinds of drama and somehow everyone is satisfied in the end. Also the press.

World champion Max Verstappen took the lead in the Formula 1 world championship for the first time this season after winning the Spanish Grand Prix. The 24-year-old Dutchman prevailed in Barcelona on Sunday and benefited from the loss of the previous World Cup leader Charles Leclerc. The international press writes about this:

"Guardian": "The tide turned for Mercedes in Barcelona, ​​the car is on its way to fighting for the top again. Verstappen's victory was a battle with many adversities. And the celebratory atmosphere at Red Bull was in stark contrast to the broken hearts at Ferrari."

"Daily Mail": "Lewis Hamilton had to be brought back from the brink of despair in this race, but now he believes he can conquer the world once more. The way he is catching up may still allow him a glimpse of his eighth title , which he wants for his departure. But that would require a monster comeback."

"Telegraph": "That's a turning point. After perhaps the weakest performance of his career last month in Imola, Lewis Hamilton had publicly said goodbye to the title race. After the extraordinary Grand Prix in Spain, Mercedes is now also publicly back. What a day. And what a season we may now have in store."

"Gazzetta dello Sport": "Ferrari nightmare. Bad luck follows the Scuderia and Leclerc in Spain. The engine betrayed him. Now he has the opportunity to restart at his home race in Monte Carlo."

"Corriere dello Sport": "The Ferrari weekend, which started perfectly, has become a torment. Leclerc has been betrayed by his car and capitulated to Verstappen. Both have shown great ability apart from the results."

"Tuttosport": "The engine betrays Leclerc. Apart from the technical problems, the Ferrari driver has shown maturity and balance, which he will urgently need for the rest of the championship. His talent can overcome many hurdles."

"Corriere della Sera": "Fate plays a nasty trick on Leclerc. The engine leaves a lot to be desired, and Verstappen benefits from it. Leclerc is now dreaming of revenge at the home race in Monte Carlo, the right place for Ferrari to catch up."

"La Repubblica": "Verstappen wins in the midst of difficulties. Bad Boy Max likes problems. The more difficulties he has to overcome, the better he performs. His sheer talent and killer instinct lead him to success."

"": "Max Verstappen is the happiest after an unfortunate race. Five weeks ago there were doubts about winning the title again, now he's suddenly leading the world championship. And Mercedes is celebrating a cautious resurrection."

"De Telegraaf": "After a race with two faces, Max Verstappen was again the man with the most points. It couldn't be any better, you might think - but his team still has enough problems to solve."

"El Mundo Deportivo": "Verstappen reigns in the middle of Ferrari's drama and is already the world championship leader. Leclerc actually had the race under control, but his engine failure thwarted him. It was a spectacle for the 121,667 spectators in Barcelona, ​​they witnessed the magic of Formula 1."

"Marca": "Verstappen defeats his own demons and is the new world championship leader. He's in world championship mode: he wins every race he finishes."

"As": "Hell is orange. The engine failure at Leclerc messed up the whole race. Hamilton proved with his comeback that he is still a great driver, even if he will not intervene in the fight for the world title."

"Sport": "Great victory for Max Verstappen, who used Charles Leclerc's engine problems to his advantage. George Russell's fight was impressive, it was a highlight of the race."

"L'Equipe": "Mercedes has found the key and is regaining a little of its grandeur. Hamilton shows a thunderous comeback. The W13 no longer bounces, it no longer shakes the entrails of its drivers. It's finally competitive."

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung": "At the end of the heat drama, Max Verstappen keeps a cool head. But not only the world champion is one of the winners in Spain. The Mercedes team, which recently slipped into the crisis, is also receiving a boost. The World Cup should be even more exciting, than one might think at the moment."


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