PSG-Bayern Munich 0-1: goals and highlights of the Champions League final; Coman decides

PSG-Bayern Munich 0-1: goals and highlights of the Champions League final; Coman decides

According to, Bayern Munich has reached the proverbial mountain top of Europe, winning the 2020 UEFA Champions League final over Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday, the twenty-third of August, 20202, 1-0. The German giants defeated their French foes in a low-scoring game, one goal is all you need in a final match to defeat your opponent. Sportsbook brings to you, excerpts from the match, keep reading:

Coman's goal sends Flick's team to the top of Europe for the 6th time in its history. The second Triplete arrived at the end of an 11 out of 11 Champions League for the Bavarians against PSG, it ends 1-0, with Neymar and Mbappé close to the lead in the first half and Lewandowski hitting the post on the other side.

Then in the 59th minute, the French players are punished by a transalpine, Coman, who heads the goal worth the Cup: it is his 19th trophy at just 24 years old.

Aesthetics, efficiency, and a spirit of competition; this sums up everything about Bayern Munich and ends the season in the best way: 1-0 at PSG and Champions League won for the 6th time in history, on a par with Liverpool.

The final triumph reflects the trend of an overwhelming 2020 for the Bavarians. Never a setback - only the LIpsia able to remain unscathed on this path - a new clean, and updated version of the squad left by Kovac in November.

Flick took it in hand with a few failures and made it an almost perfect car, taking it to the majority of the laps in the season's decisive moments. The collectivity prevailed, and everyone finally enjoyed the party.

All as protagonists indeed, it is difficult to find a player who has not stolen the show from the shots (and the story) of the talented Davies to Thiago and Goretzka to finish the German pragmatism of Thomas Muller.

Without forgetting the show in the Gnabry tournament, the leadership of captain Neuer and forward, leading the rest of the group, the king of goals Lewandowski.

The man who has always left his mark, except in the final. Coman took the cover at Da Luz, a Frenchman who punished his compatriots.

Incredible numbers, like that of his Bayern, the first team ever to triumph in the Big Ears Cup with a path of only victories: 11 out of 11, which also represents a new record of consecutive successes.

With a formation costing less than 100 million, Flick beats the other German Tuchel,

Trident, completed by Muller and Gnabry, behind Lewandowski. The pace is contained in the first minutes of the match, with Bayern starting better and PSG growing at a distance.

After the first quarter of an hour comes the first opportunity, just for the Parisians, with the usual trace of Mbappé for Neymar, who crosses with the left-handed and finds the extraordinary opposition of Neuer with the body.

Updated Date: 09 September 2020, 04:59

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