Reactions to Mittermaier's death: "Gold-Rosi" had "a heart the size of a bus"

With Rosi Mittermaier, German sport loses a great personality.

Reactions to Mittermaier's death: "Gold-Rosi" had "a heart the size of a bus"

With Rosi Mittermaier, German sport loses a great personality. The ski racer's successes speak for themselves, but Mittermaier is primarily recognized for her humanity. A double Olympic champion says, "You won't find a person like that again".

With her victories at the 1976 Olympic Games, "Gold-Rosi" enchanted the whole of winter sports in Germany. Back then in Innsbruck, Rosi Mittermaier organized one of the biggest festivals in the history of German alpine sports. The former ski racer died on Wednesday at the age of 72, as her family has now announced. Ski star Felix Neureuther's mother fell asleep peacefully with the family after a serious illness.

Despite her great sporting successes, "Gold-Rosi" never wanted to be reduced to being a competitive athlete. Germany's sportswoman of the year 1976 closed numerous sponsorship contracts after the end of her career and built up her own existence. Mittermaier was committed to social causes, was patron of the Children's Rheumatism Foundation and became national ambassador for sport, tolerance and fair play in 1997. In 2005 she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit. In the first reactions to the death of the athlete, who was highly valued for many decades, German sport recognizes above all her human merits off the slopes of the world.

Markus Wasmeier (double Olympic champion from 1994): "We lost a fantastic person. Rosi had a heart as big as a bus, she was always there for everyone - that was unique. You won't find a person like that again, she leaves one huge gap."

Herbert Hainer (President of FC Bayern Munich): "Rosi Mittermaier was one of the greatest German athletes and a unique Bavarian figurehead. She moved and inspired people, I was able to do that in 1976 when she won her second Olympic gold in the slalom in Innsbruck on the ski slope. FC Bayern mourns alongside their family and loved ones."

Franz Steinle (President of the German Ski Association): "With Rosi Mittermaier, the ski family loses an extraordinary personality who rightly enjoyed great popularity beyond the sport. Rosi Mittermaier was friendly and modest, always helpful, available for every good cause - regardless of the Function in which she was able to support. She was a soul of human being. Sport taught her values ​​such as friendship and fairness, and she upheld these values ​​throughout her life. We mourn the loss of a great role model and are with ours in these difficult hours Our condolences and our thoughts go to her family."

Thomas Weikert (DOSB President): "This is very sad news. Thank you, dear Rosi Mittermaier, for the enthusiasm that you aroused in so many people and for your commitment far beyond sport! The gold medals were one of the most formative memories of winter sports in my youth."

Markus Söder (Prime Minister of Bavaria): "Rosi Mittermaier was an ambassador for our country in the world" and a prime example of "how you can remain down-to-earth and approachable despite breathtaking successes. She stood in an exemplary way for love of home, sportsmanship, tolerance and fair play. Our thoughts are with her family. Bayern will always honor her memory."

Ilse Aigner (President of the Bavarian State Parliament): "Rosi Mittermaier was an exceptional ski racer. Even after her skiing career, she was an exceptional personality and popular figure - always active, always committed, both sportingly and socially."

Steffen Seibert (former government spokesman under Chancellor Angela Merkel): "One of the greatest sports heroines we have ever had - and a wonderful, radiant person."

When asked by RTL/ntv, the DSV announced that the German alpine athletes would wear black ribbons at the World Cup in Croatia this Thursday.