Riots around international match: injuries and arrests after attack on England pub

It's not without riots.

Riots around international match: injuries and arrests after attack on England pub

It's not without riots. There are injuries and arrests in a raid on a pub frequented by England fans near Wembley Stadium. The perpetrators pretend to be British, but the police assume they are German "fans," she told on request.

The spectacle was provided by the players at Wembley Stadium, the debacle by the German hooligans at the Green Man Pub in London. Four arrests, several injured Englishmen, three of them seriously. About 100 German hooligans caused massive trouble around two hours before the start of the England vs. Germany game near Wembley Stadium, the Metropolitan Police confirmed to on request.

"At 5:50 p.m. local time, a group of around 100 masked men approached a pub on Dagmar Avenue in Wembley through an alley leading to the car park," London police told in a statement: "Some were wearing of them England hats and scarves. However, it can be assumed that they are German 'fans'."

Videos published on social networks seem to confirm the information provided by the police. They show the moment of the attack on the pub, which is said to be particularly popular with families. The videos show a black mob storming into the beer garden and being pushed back quickly.

During the attack, the perpetrators are said not only to have hit the guests with their fists, but also to have thrown traffic cones. While most of the attackers were able to flee, four perpetrators were arrested, according to the Metropolitan Police.

"Some people suffered head and facial injuries," police said. "So far, three people are known to have suffered serious injuries to their legs, wrists and thumbs. None of the injured are life-threatening."

"I've never seen anything like it," London's INews quoted an eyewitness to the incident as saying. Paramedics would have had to treat numerous heavily bleeding people. A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service, Britain's main ambulance service, confirmed that five people had to be hospitalized as a result of the altercation.

Fans of German teams were recently part of violent clashes at two European Cup appearances in France. There was a lot of trouble both in the Cologne conference league game in Nice and in the Champions League game between Marseille and Frankfurt.

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