SA's top motorsport drivers call the title: Here's their backing for the big F1 finale

We've already heard the Wheels24 team's backing. So we asked some of South Africa’s most renowned motorsport drivers for their opinions on who should win the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship on Sunday.

SA's top motorsport drivers call the title: Here's their backing for the big F1 finale

Here are their thoughts:

Deon Joubert states that Lewis Hamilton will win F1 on Sunday. This Mercedes is something better. However, Max Verstappen is my favorite fighter, and he knows that this title fight will be a risky one. Lewis has a lot of good qualities. Max? Max?

Formula 1 has a unique driver for each generation. Geroge Russell and Lando Norris have the potential to become champions.

Hamilton is a great driver, but it is important to remember that Hamilton created the circumstances in which he finds himself. That's what makes him the greatest ever, or at the very least, of the modern era.

Team Lewis or Team Max: This is who the News24 F1 fanatics want to win the 2021 title

Sarel van den Merwe: Lewis Hamilton must be admired, but Max can never be discounted.

Hamilton will win, but Verstappen would be my choice. He needs it and so does the sport.

Giniel De Villiers: Max should win today's title, just to make a difference in the sport.

Max and Lewis do a great job. They are miles ahead of everyone else.

Hamilton is not to be discounted, and I don't care if you love or hate him. But, Hamilton is an amazing driver and you must admire his accomplishments.

Phillip Kekana states: This is a difficult race to call. Lewis should win the race because then he will be able to retire with an eighth title. There are many Formula One people who don't want Lewis to break Michael Schumacher's record. That's why I want him to win the title today.

Willie Hepburn: "I believe Hamilton will take it. Although I don't like Lewis or Max, they are both great drivers. Hamilton is more experienced and has more control. He also has the drive to maintain a level head.

Tschops Sipuka states: This is a difficult call. This one could go to Lewis. His package is stronger. Only mechanical failure is going to stop them. They are worthy of it, but Max has lost speed.

Updated Date: 12 December 2021, 09:42

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