Scary march and violent riots: The eternal fan horror of Dynamo Dresden

The greatest horror didn't materialize and yet the behavior of some Dynamo Dresden fans in the relegation second leg against 1.

Scary march and violent riots: The eternal fan horror of Dynamo Dresden

The greatest horror didn't materialize and yet the behavior of some Dynamo Dresden fans in the relegation second leg against 1. FC Kaiserslautern is stunned. The descent of the giants from Saxony is overshadowed by pyro scandals and a storm of fans inside the stadium.

At some point in stoppage time, when Dynamo Dresden's defense had now completely disintegrated, three 1. FC Kaiserslautern players sprinted towards the goal in front of the notorious K-Block. It is not worth reporting further about what the trio did with the ball. But about what was happening in the stands at the same time. A flaming torch was thrown onto the field.

This scene late on Tuesday evening was perhaps the most shocking proof of how completely uninhibited and uncontrollable parts of the Dresden fan scene are. In the minutes before, after the guests from the Palatinate had scored the decisive 2-0 in this relegation duel, the very last backups had gone haywire for quite a few supporters.

Masses of Bengalos flew onto the field, cannon blasts were fired and small fires were set in their own stands. A shocking madness. Unfortunately one with an announcement. Even the beginning of this evening was borderline. A mighty banner had unfurled as the choreography, it showed an aggressive dog on a leash, with bared teeth. You don't have to interpret too much into it - but you can. The Dynamo supporters, they can be so passionate, rousing, inspiring for the footballers. But they can also be intimidating, aggressive, uninhibited.

Recent history alone provides ample evidence for this. Last summer, when the giant from Saxony had risen from the 3rd league (it's going back there now), there were serious riots between hooligans and police officers. Pyrotechnics, glass bottles, stones flew. Because of the Corona Protection Ordinance that was still in force at the time, a mass rush to the stadium for the last home game of the season should be prevented at all costs. Masked people tried to break through the barrier.

Also shocking and intimidating: The creepy camouflage fan march in Karlsruhe five years ago. The theme: "Football Army Dynamo Dresden". Several people were injured. In 2016, when the club was promoted from the 3rd division, the situation escalated again. The violent part of the community was first noticed by the eastern rivals 1. FC Magdeburg with massive riots in front of the stadium, then during and after the game not only firecrackers and smoke bombs were detonated, but also three rockets were fired into a Magdeburg block. The club had no choice but to condemn the escalation of supporters. In the same year: During the cup game between Dynamo and the hated system rival RB Leipzig, a bull's head flies in the direction of the field. A new dimension of derailment. The club condemned the action - again.

And they did it again after the descent. Dresden managing director Jürgen Wehlend said in a statement on the club's website: "With all understanding for this frustration, which everyone involved in the club shares and feels the same way, the behavior of some Dynamo fans towards the end of the game and especially afterwards is completely unacceptable ." Because the end of the escalation was not reached with the ignitions in the stands, even if the feared storming of the square did not happen.

A group of aggressive followers managed to force their way into the cabin wing. That's where the disappointed team went right after the final whistle. Also, out of fear of a possibly even more aggressive reaction from the fans, the players refrained from going into the curve from which they had received unconditional support for a long time, which is also part of the truth. When the fans rushed into the changing room area, two stewards were later injured, and players, supervisors and employees were threatened. They were unharmed. The bus waiting for departure was also attacked by the chaotic people.

Once again "a limit" (Wehlend) was crossed. Once again, Dynamo is not only facing the shards of relegation, but also frightened by the violence of some supporters. Now the club does not have this fate exclusively. Unfortunately, there are still good memories of the hunt by some misguided players and coaches of FC Schalke 04 on the arena grounds after relegation from the Bundesliga last year. Or the aggressive riots in the second division game between FC St. Pauli and Hansa Rostock. The list can be continued indefinitely. Hertha BSC knows these problems, as does 1. FC Köln and VfL Bochum with their cup throwers. The fans from Kaiserslautern also behaved very antisocially in Dresden, a flare landed in an adjacent family block.

But always in focus: dynamo. The punishment for the riots is yet to be decided. But it is unlikely to turn out lightly for repeat offenders. A side show that is actually not needed when rebuilding the giant that has fallen again. And the upheaval must and will be comprehensive. The club's image? Attacked, despite the gigantic radiance. Will that also affect the decisions of potential newcomers?

19 games in a row (!) without a win shows that a lot of things have to change to get back on track. Those responsible admitted to massive mistakes. In the event of a descent, there are "few arguments to say that you've done a lot right," said sporting director Ralf Becker. Coach Guerino Capretti, whose job is in serious jeopardy, admitted: "In the end you have to say: it wasn't enough."