Serbian volleyball player apologizes after Creating racist gesture Throughout Game

In video shared and broadly condemned across social networking, the players could be viewed grinning following the gesture is created.

Serbian volleyball player apologizes after Creating racist gesture Throughout Game

The whole group was also photographed making the exact same gesture, that can be universally utilized to be hateful towards people of Asian descent, at 2018, while they had been playing at Japan.

Djurdjevic apoligized at a now-private Instagram article, based on Vice, stating she intended"not so clever," and indicating the gesture was a type of softball sign.

"I'm mindful of my error and I instantly following the game agreeing to the entire Thailand group," she composed per Vice. "I just wished to tackle my teammates together with this message:'today, we'll begin playing defense just like them', I did not mean to disrespect anybody."

Members of this Thai volleyball team seem to have accepted the apology, seemingly posing for group photographs together with the players that are scripted. Pleumjit Thinkaow, of the Thai group, also posted a movie where she and Djurdjevic look friendly.

This video was shared with the Volleyball Federation of Serbia at a Facebook article, in which the company provided an apology to the Thai group, followed by a petition not to"dismiss this out of proportion."

"Sanja is conscious of her mistake and she promptly apologized to the entire Thailand group," the article .

"Obviously, it had been unlucky," it lasted, after offering the exact same explanation regarding indicating another teammates. "It all ended as a very simple mistake, at a friendly atmosphere between the players of those 2 teams."

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