Shane Olivea, an ex-NFL offensive lineman, has died at the age of 40

Los Angeles Chargers announced Thursday that the offensive tackle had died. The team announced that Olivea was with the team for four seasons.

Shane Olivea, an ex-NFL offensive lineman, has died at the age of 40

The Los Angeles Chargers announced Thursday that Shane Olivea, an ex-NFL offensive lineman, has died at 40.

Olivea's cause of death and manner of his death were not immediately known Friday afternoon. His family could not be reached for comment.

Olivea, an offensive tackle, was chosen by the Chargers in the seventh round. He was a San Diego native who played in four seasons, beginning in 57 of 60 games.

Olivea was instrumental in helping LaDainian Thomaslinson, running back, "break the NFL single-season touchdown record," according to the Chargers. Olivea was the right tackle in all 16 games of that season.

He was a standout Ohio State University player and was part of the 2002 national championship team.

Olivea's NFL career was ruined by an addiction to painkillers. Olivea, now sober, stated that he wanted others to avoid the dangers of addiction in 2016.

He stated to The Columbus Dispatch that he was always high after his rookie season.

Olivea stated, "At my height on Vicodin I would take 125 per day." It got to the point that I would take 15 Vicodin, and had to have them with chocolate milk. I would throw it up if I had water or Gatorade.

Olivea remained with the Chargers through 2008. According to NBC San Diego, Olivea was let go due to a dependence on painkillers. He was released from rehab and joined the New York Giants after sustaining a back injury.

Bobby Carpenter,, a former Ohio State player and linebacker, tweeted Thursday that Olivea had died on Wednesday night.

Carpenter called Olivea "a wonderful one" and hailed the accomplishments of his football player at Columbus' football powerhouse.

Olivea was able to re-enroll at Ohio State in 2015. She graduated in December 2015 with a degree from the sport industry.

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