Soccer-Emery lauds'impeccable' Villarreal for Historical Europa League win

Villarreal coach Unai Emery praised his"impeccable" players for their dedication after asserting the club's first major trophy by beating Manchester United at the Europa League final on Wednesday.

Soccer-Emery lauds'impeccable' Villarreal for Historical Europa League win

It was a record fourth Europa League triumph for Emery as a supervisor, after winning the contest three times with Sevilla, but marked Villarreal's very first piece of major silverware.

"In the Europa League we've been absolutely impeccable. Since the very first instant. Some days we were coming at 6am into the scene to prepare a game for its Sunday. All this makes the trip (worthwhile)," Emery told a news conference)

"We were talking about loving these moments. In the long run you are proud to accomplish the title (decider) but if you don't win, you're sad. Winning is just another step, an important step forward. We do so profession for these minutes. We've been able to give joy to many men and women."

Emery joined Villarreal in July 2020, nine weeks after he was sacked by British side Arsenal following a poor run of results.

The Spaniard knocked his former team out of the year's competition at the semi-final stage before taking down another Premier League giant in United, but insisted that he didn't see the achievement as a personal victory.

"I insist it isn't a sports revenge at all. I try to enjoy every moment, losing and winning. I attempt to create new conditions, so everywhere I have been, even in England in Arsenal, I've learned a great deal, met many people, other cultures and soccer," he explained.

"At the conclusion of the story was professional pity, but a few other doors opened then. Winning today is a pride, but for my club today, as it was when I was at Sevilla.

"Once I had been at Arsenal we played a Europa League final and couldn't win but it's a process, from that match I discovered a whole lot to win that one possibly."

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