"Something has gone out inside": Lewandowski relies on "respect and loyalty"

Robert Lewandowski will leave Bayern Munich.

"Something has gone out inside": Lewandowski relies on "respect and loyalty"

Robert Lewandowski will leave Bayern Munich. Only when is unclear because of an existing contract. At least for the Polish world-class striker: The club insists on another year, Lewandowski wants to leave immediately. The Pole becomes pathetic.

The Bayern star Robert Lewandowski, who was willing to emigrate, has added poker to his move. On the Polish Internet portal "Onet.pl", the world footballer confirmed his desire to change and said: "Something has gone out inside me. I want more emotions in my life." Lewandowski and his advisor Pini Zahavi recently said that Bayern Munich was over for the Polish national team captain.

Lewandowski is said to be aiming for a move to FC Barcelona and would like to leave Munich this summer, a year before the end of his contract. However, the Munich leadership consistently adheres to the fulfillment of the working paper - to the incomprehension of the Pole. "What I have achieved thanks to Bayern and what Bayern have achieved thanks to me, I think after so many years it would be the best solution to find a solution for both sides," said the 33-year-old. A unilateral decision makes no sense. "Loyalty and respect are probably more important than this business," said the Pole.

Bayern Honorary President Uli Hoeneß said on Monday that he assumed Lewandowski would stay. "I think the new team is being worked on very intensively and if everything comes what they presented to me this week, then I see a good chance that we will have an attractive team next year - with Robert Lewandowski," said the 70-year-old TV station Sport1. The former club president advocated urging the star striker to fulfill his contract, which runs until June 30, 2023, if there is no replacement for the Bundesliga record scorer. "And then you have to see whether he'll go on a free transfer next year or maybe even be extended again, nobody knows that," said Hoeneß.

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