Southgate says England still to conquer Everest

Gareth Southgate, England manager, has encouraged his players to not be afraid of Ukraine when they face them in Saturday's European Championship quarter-final.

Southgate says England still to conquer Everest

Southgate stressed the importance of his players focusing after Germany's 2-0 victory at Wembley in last-16. He also warned his team not to underestimate their underdog opponents and to not look too far ahead.

Southgate stated that "we've only achieved one challenge, but it's not the Everest" he had set himself. "We want more."

It's another chance for our team to make history. We have made a quick transition from Germany and it has been difficult because we get so many lovely messages. The mindset must be Saturday-centric. "Not beyond Saturday."

"We are not complacent. We have to remain calm, but not afraid. We have to keep our feet on the ground. We have to move on."

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