One of the highlights of the MARCA Sport Weekend event was the conversation that the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, had with the journalists Nuria Cruz, Helena Condis and Mar Bianchi. True to his style, the manager did not dodge any issue and reviewed all the issues that affect the clubs’ employers: Negreira case, economic control, CVC, Vinicius, VAR or Super League.

The first one he referred to was the issue that has brought Barcelona into focus. “This case does make me lose sleep because it is the most serious thing at the reputational and integrity level of the competition that has happened to us in the history of football. I am concerned about how we have to deal with the situation on a reputational and political level. Because of the importance of the club, because of the importance of the competition, because it has been for 18 years,” he exclaimed before asking Barcelona for transparency. «Well, if they transmit tranquility, they transmit it to all of us and we are all calm. We need explanations, if they are calm and the explanations are kept for themselves… I think they should be worried,” Javier Tebas stressed.

In addition, the president of Laliga questioned the continuity of Joan Laporta: «I find it difficult that, with so much time without giving an explanation, it is possible to preside over such an important club. We will see the future of the situation.” He also referred to the possible sanctions from UEFA: «There are some rules that will have to be applied and the regulations make them very clear: will it be enough to not register Barça in the Champions League? Don’t know”. And even, he added, it can reach the criminal sphere, a framework that “establishes from fines or temporary suspension of activities to the dissolution of the entity.”

Another of the topics he addressed was that of the Real Madrid player, Vinicius. «Vinicius’s behavior is like that of many players, what happens is that he stands out more. Brazilians are specialists in celebrating things. What is not justifiable is what happens to him. They are provocations, but the cries of racism that have occurred are not justifiable. And he added that things are being done well on this issue: “Spanish football is acting in an exemplary manner. We have already caught the Mallorca fan. Let’s not look for justification in the way of doing it. It is not acceptable what happens to him ».

Tebas denied that the Real Madrid striker is being persecuted in particular. «He is one of the best players, or the one who is in the best shape at Real Madrid lately. It is normal for them to say that they are going to defend him, because many of the chances generated by Real Madrid start from him,” he stressed.

The president of LaLiga also referred to the possible return of Messi to the competition: «With the economic situation of Barcelona, ​​if the salary is not lowered, it could not. come”. And he took the opportunity to send a message to PSG: “PSG is a machine for putting money and cheating with sponsorships, I have told Al-Khelaifi many times.”

The VAR was another of the issues that he addressed, especially after the controversy of the past Barcelona-Real Madrid: «It is not working as thought. You have to turn it around. We are going to reflect on the VAR and the arbitration, because the Negreira thing is an arbitration problem. For example, why are there so many expulsions in Spain? For more than a year there has been a lot of discomfort in presidents, coaches and players with the VAR. That is a reality. Something is happening, something is not working right. There is a lack of clear judgment on the subject of hands. I’m concerned about that issue.”

Finally, he referred to the Super League, an entity with which he assured that it cannot be negotiated. “It is a different model than what he supposes is to expropriate small and medium-sized football to take everything for themselves. Basically it is not a competition model, it is a concept that the richest in Europe rule in football, “he warned.

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