Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle isn't convinced Mauricio Pochettino should return to club

Former Tottenham midfielder has concerns over PSG boss's ability to acquire prizes and slams axing of Portuguese as'ludicrous' in the first place

Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle isn't convinced Mauricio Pochettino should return to club

Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle has contested Daniel Levy's plans to rehire Mauricio Pochettino and slammed the'ludicrous' choice to pull the plug on Jose Mourinho too fast.

But Mourinho was dramatically sacked himself in the times leading up to April's League Cup final, together with Ryan Mason promoted from his role as Under-23s boss to interim first-team coach.

Now Paris Saint-Germain boss Pochettino, even though outlining his plans for PSG before this week, is one of the leading candidates to replace Mourinho.

And, while many Spurs fans would really like to see him return, Hoddle isn't sure it's the best thought.

Talking on the most recent variant of the Keys & Gray podcast, he also explained:"It's such a difficult one.

"Pochettino is a good man, I met him on a few events with Ossie [Ardiles], he is a really good football man, good at his job.

"When he went to Paris Saint-Germain, I thought,'Now he's going to receive his success, today he will get some silverware', and he hasn't.

"Sometimes people are destined not to be successful.

"They are extremely good at their jobs and superior coaches, but other people that you think,'Oh, they have had some fortune', and they get their rewards that way.

"For Daniel Levy to turn round and say'I'm taking Poch back, I made a mistake, it was my fault...' it does not sound like Daniel.

"That would be a huge call, a massive call."

Hoddle went on:"They totally pulled the plug too fast on Mourinho.

"In the event you win a prize you have the confidence.

"The way that Mourinho setup, he was trying to get them over the line, and he got them into a closing.

"It was foolish to chop him in the knees as he gets to a cup final.

"Whether you like Jose or not, the guy deserved to get a run at that cup.

"If they had won it, then it could be another story today, but Daniel now has a gigantic headache.

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