Super Bowl champs Terrell Davies and Hines Ward make Bengals - Rams predictions

Both Ward and Davis have won the Super Bowl twice, and they were both awarded Super Bowl MVP during their first championships.

Super Bowl champs Terrell Davies and Hines Ward make Bengals - Rams predictions

Terrell Davis, the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame runningback, and Hines Ward, legendary Steelers wide receiver, both know what it takes for a Super Bowl win.

Former Georgia Bulldogs players spoke with Fox News Digital about Sunday’s match between the Los Angeles Rams (and the Cincinnati Bengals) and Ward (and their respective perceptions of the Bengals' threat level).

"I think it's going be a big one and, being that they're new to the block, they only know their limits.... I just looked at the Rams – Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Von Miller, those are the guys you can lean on. They're your playmakers. Ward stated, "You lean on your stars." Ward said, "I see them dominating this sport. I want a blowout. I got the Rams 33-21.

Davis laughed and said, "I don’t see a blowout. "I don’t believe the Bengals will tolerate this nonsense Hines is spewing about this blowout. They will show up, but I believe the Rams will win, 27-24.


Both Ward and Davis have won the Super Bowl twice. Ward with the Steelers and TD with the Denver Broncos. After their first championships, they were both awarded Super Bowl MVP.

Davis stated, "Aaron Donald will be my MVP [pick] for that game," while Ward leans toward one of his Bulldogs to win the honor.

Ward stated, " Matthew Stafford Come home and join the Bulldogs who have won Super Bowl MVP."

Davis anticipates seeing a lot of plays that involve the Bengals running back Joe Mixon, who Davis believes will have the greatest impact on Cincinnati's offense.

Davis stated to Fox News that if the Rams win this game and he wants to win it, then his fingerprint should be all over this match because he's an outstanding running back. Davis said that he is not only trying to stop the Rams' defensive line from pinning their ears back and going after the quarterback but also a guy who can get the ball out the backfield. He is very elusive when he makes those nice plays.

Mixon plays a very important role in this role.

Ward will naturally be looking out for Cooper Kupp, the wide receiver for Rams.

Ward stated, "He's the Rams' passing team." He's the perfect place at the right time. Stafford has him as his security blanket. He'll make a play no matter where he places the ball. He has been doing it for years."

Ward also mentioned that the matchup between Ja’Marr Chase and veteran Jalen Ramsey could be an interesting one to watch.

"Ja'Marr Chase vs. Jalen Ramsay is the matchup for which I will bring my popcorn." Ward called it a matchup for the ages. Ward said, "You have a young stud -- an emerging stud coming in -- facing one of the top in the business."


Ward stated that TD will be relying on the running games, but that the running game has "gone" now. It's a new age. Everyone wants to score points. Take a look at both the firepower and the potential for success. I look for Matthew Stafford doing his job, [if he doesn’t] make the ball go over, I’ll be looking for him to have an amazing day."

Davis laughed and said that Hines was wrong once again. When you think about championships, we can look back at last year's Super Bowl. Who was the star of the Tampa? Did it not Leonard Fournette? Did it not be 'Playoff Lenny,' the game the Bucs relied on to win that one. He was, I believe.

"Games such as this, I believe Mixon is a viable contender for MVP of the game... there are some players who can make that one play that could win that win. I believe that's what's going on."


Both vets agree that the Rams and Bengals must focus on winning the big game.

Ward stated, "Eliminate distractions," especially when it comes to the Rams' home game in LA. "You got your family, you got your friends. My first Super Bowl was quite a distraction. I had my family and friends visit me and tried to figure out which club they could join, and how to get to all the parties.

"They called my phone daily, calling me constantly. Now I'm trying to play in Super Bowl. This is my first Super Bowl. If they can get rid of all distractions, then you can focus on the game and give it your best for Sunday.

Davis also agreed.

"Hines hit it on the head. Davis stated that it really is all about this. It's about trying to quiet the noise. Davis stated that you can play many roles. Hines is correct.

Once you have all that done, you can start to focus on the game. You will need to start planning the game.

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