Super Bowl RE-Live: Eleven seconds before the end: Butker kicks the Chiefs lucky

This Super Bowl will be remembered: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles score 73 points.

Super Bowl RE-Live: Eleven seconds before the end: Butker kicks the Chiefs lucky

This Super Bowl will be remembered: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles score 73 points. In the end there is the second win for the Chiefs in four years. Here you can read the dramatic duel of the giants again in the ticker.

04:24: So, that's it from us! What a spectacular game, what a dramatic ending. We have a first greeting from Mahomes: "At the end of the day we are Kansas City," said the quarterback star on US television. "I want to thank everyone." All voices and analyzes of this wild Super Bowl are available on! Thanks for reading, good night!

04:14: Hurts tried the wide pass, in vain! The Chiefs are champions! Wow what a drama! Take a deep breath!

4:12 a.m., FIELD GOAL FOR THE CHIEFS, 35:38!: Butker does it! Eight seconds to go...

4.08 a.m .: Uff! Bradberry gets the flag for a tug on JuJu Smith-Schuster's jersey. That wasn't much of a foul for a Super Bowl, but it was a foul. So there are new first attempts for Kansas City. And how smart is Jerick McKinnon. He actually has space on the left up to the end zone, but stops in front of it and kneels down. Why? Because the Eagles don't have time out anymore and all you can do now is tick the clock down to the field goal. Eleven seconds are still on the clock, Butker is getting ready for the kick to triumph, can you hold your nerves?

4:05 a.m .: It’s clear that the Chiefs are now keeping an eye on the clock. Because with the supposedly safe points in mind, you want to give Hurts as little time as possible for an answer. But will it end up being a field goal or a touchdown?

4:01 a.m .: Again and again this little comet Pacheco! Mahomes seeks him out, and the young running back undaunted takes the team deep into the Eagles' half. After that, the quarterback goes himself and now it's only about 15 yards until the next touchdown. Two more minutes...

3:56 a.m .: Short interjection: This Super Bowl is really amazing!

3:50 a.m. TOUCHDOWN, 35:35: Oh, that's bitter. Smith catches a long pass from Hurts, but then loses body control and falls two yards short of the end zone. But the Eagles are back on the sneak and are rewarded. Hurts with his next touchdown. After that, the team relies on the two-point conversion, Hurts runs into the end zone again, which brings two more points and the equalizer. Drama now, five minutes left!

3:47 a.m .: The Eagles have to go to the third down right in the first drive, they successfully read the problem with a sneak. Hurts is pushed massively over the appropriate line.

3:42 AM, TOUCHDOWN FOR THE CHIEFS, 10:35 PM: Uh oh, Philadelphia is being shown off mightily here right now. Again the defense falls for a clever move and again the Chiefs can march into the end zone in the person of Skyy Moore. Wow, the Eagles are under a lot of pressure now. How does Hurt react now? Almost ten minutes left on the clock.

3:40 a.m.: ...and force the Eagles to punt. The return is outstanding, Toney, the man who just scored the touchdown, runs back and forth and almost to the end zone. What a run! Longest punt return in Super Bowl history.

03:38: So now the Eagles are in demand. Hurts has direct pressure, but just about finds Goedert, who catches well defended. A small wow moment for Phily, but it is also sorely needed in this phase. After that the Chiefs are aggressive...

3:34 a.m., TOUCHDOWN FOR THE CHIEFS, 10:28 p.m.: Are the Eagles missing the win here? Kadarius Toney fakes an inside run, but then turns back and is all alone. Mahomes sees that, plays him and the wide receiver can stroll relaxed from a few yards into the end zone. The defense looks really bad there. The kick isn't a problem either. First lead for the Chiefs!

3:30 a.m .: The Chiefs come in strong in the fourth quarter. Mahomes finds JuJu Smith-Schuster several times. The connection that decides the game is formed late in the game. With juju it goes up to the 4-yard line. What a drive so far!

03:24: The players keep slipping. Elliot with the kick this time. What are the Chiefs and Mahomes doing now? You're within reach. Time keeps ticking down, 20 seconds to go...

3:21 a.m., FIELD GOAL FOR THE EAGLES, 27:21: Elliot does it confidently and extends the lead again. But it's just a one-possession game now.

3:19 a.m.: Phily is working his way forward yard by yard. Now there are almost 20 left and in the third down it still needs 11. Timeout before the time for the attempt expires. Hurts finds Gainwell. It's not enough for a first down. Now a field goal is supposed to come from 33 yards.

3:14 a.m .: Oh, now it’s getting wild: Hurts finds Goedert with a monster pass, which is covered by two men, but plays out its size and catches the ball. But he doesn't seem to have complete control of the leather, but the referees see it differently. The Eagles know and want to make the next play quickly, but don't wait for the substitutions. So coach Andy Reid gets enough time to look at it again and officially doubt it. The referees go to the monitor - and give the catch. It's actually a right decision.

3:11 am: Phew! Hurts are flashed and throw the leather far forward. Quez Watkins actually has the advantage over his defender and the pass is perfect, but the leather slips through the paws of the receiver. All the more annoying because the Eagles don't manage to snap in time and have to go five yards back.

3:08 a.m .: Once again, the Eagles offensive stays on the field for a long time and fuels itself with many runs. This wearing down of Kansas City is unlikely to suit Andy Reid, but it is one of the tasks that need to be solved against this Philadelphia.

03:05: The Eagles' drive continues, after eight minutes in the third quarter the team is at the 45-yard line. And then: Wow, on the third try, Hurts only has a small window to reach Dallas Goedert. Safety Justin Reid is actually on it, but in the end stretches in vain against the perfectly thrown pass.

03:01: The Eagles have problems again! With the first play of the drive, Sanders is knocked out of his hand and Bolten runs into the end zone again with the game device. But the jubilation is limited, because the Chiefs know: That wasn't a fumble but rather a pass that wasn't caught. And that's how the referees evaluate it.

2:57 a.m., TOUCHDOWN FOR THE CHIEFS, 12:21 p.m.: The first half started spectacularly and the second is in no way inferior. Mahomes finds the wild dog Pacheco, who runs into the end zone thanks to perfect blocks. Extra point only a matter of form. Everything open again.

2:55 a.m .: The Chiefs fans should breathe a sigh of relief for the time being, the quarterback does not show that he is ailing. Apparently a lot of work was done during the break. Mahomes initiates some good running games and even goes solo once. It is currently noticeable that a few players keep slipping away, including Mahomes!

2:49 a.m.: Let's continue, the Chiefs start at the 25-yard line. Mahomes continues for now...

2:41 a.m .: The fans are escalating, as is Twitter. Must have been good. Football again.

2:36 a.m .: Who cares: On Twitter, the big issue is not the singer’s performance, but the question: Is she pregnant again? Our hard-hitting answer: I have no idea.

02:28: The Lady in Red lands in the stadium. Rihanna floats in on a mighty plateau. After almost seven years, she is once again live on a stage and then also the biggest in the world.

2:17 a.m., FIELD GOAL FOR THE EAGLES, 12:14 p.m.: Phily goes for the field goal, Jake Elliot has no problems from this distance. Means: A successful drive will not be enough for the Chiefs to turn the game around after the break. Short break, halftime show with Rihanna.

2.15 a.m .: Is there anything else going on here? Brown with an outstanding run and strong feint, Hurts finds his top receiver, who is only stopped at the 19-yard line.

02:12: ...they take back the catch. 55 seconds left to play. Third try and two yards going for the Eagles for a new first down at the 48-yard line. You can do that with a powerful sneak.

2:07 a.m .: Hurts with Smith’s long pass, who catches him. But was he both feet on the ground and in full control? controversial scene. The referees give the catch first, but then there's the review...

2:04 a.m .: Can the Eagles give the Chiefs a good sport? Another touchdown in the last two minutes before the break would be a huge blow to Kansas City's ambitions.

1:59 a.m .: Mahomes, the Chiefs quarterback, is thrown to the ground and limps off the pitch. He is treated on the sidelines and hopefully can continue. Big question marks are in order given the history of the injured foot. The initially bitter end of a fatal minute for the Chiefs. Who don't get rolling in the drive at all and may now lose their life insurance on the field...

1:53 AM, TOUCHDOWN FOR THE EAGLES, 9:14 PM: Jason Kelce makes a great block for hurts, sees the gap, slips through and puts his team ahead for the third time. What an emotional wave pool for the quarterback.

1:51 a.m.: Three minutes until halftime and the Eagles have to decide again: play a fourth try (with two yards) or try the field goal. Sirianni wants to play and again there is a gift from the Chiefs. Flag because the O-Line twitches too early. Four yards to go.

1:47 a.m .: Hurts shook himself briefly and quickly recovered. Two good passes, but then a run that is quickly stopped. At the 45-yard line, the team takes a risk and plays the fourth try. Hurts goes it alone, dodges a tackle and ends his run at the 28 yard line.

1:43 a.m .: Hurts made a fatal mistake, so he can run again. Because the chiefs punished his buck coldly. He runs himself, 14 yards, first down.

1:39 AM, TOUCHDOWN FOR THE CHIEFS, 2:14 PM: Next incredible action! The Eagles are stressed and losing yards after a yellow flag on the O-Line. But then the hitherto strong Hurts made a crazy mistake in the third down, he dropped the egg when changing hands. Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton picks up the device and runs for the touchdown, Butker converts the extra point.

1.35 a.m .: And Hurts is allowed to play again, he probably wouldn’t have thought of it himself. And he has to deliver under pressure. Clark chases him, but Hurts spins free and finds Zach Pascal for a new first down. Very strong from the quarterback, whose shoulder doesn't seem to cause any problems.

1.31 a.m .: Weak drive from the Chiefs. Mahomes doesn't find any crucial gaps, most importantly he doesn't find Kelce. After less than two minutes and three attempts, possession changes again.

1:26 AM, TOUCHDOWN FOR THE EAGLES, 2:7: AMAZING! What is the Chiefs defense doing there? Nothing is probably the whole truth! Hurts has no pressure, no pressure at all. Brown also feels little resistance, runs and runs and then the quarterback throws the thing perfectly into his arms from over 50 yards. Eight seconds are played.

1:23 a.m.: First quarter over, A.J. Brown catches the egg for another Eagles first down.

1.20 a.m .: The Eagles are allowed to play again. Hurts goes himself on the first two attempts, gaining six yards on the first, and being stopped immediately on the second. Then Frank Clark gives the Eagles a gift for reacting too soon. Penalty for the Chiefs, first down for Philly.

1:16 a.m.: Harrison Butker tries from 42 yards and slams the egg on the left post, dong, no points.

1:12 a.m.: Mahomes and Kelce, again and again! The quarterback doesn't feel any pressure because his O-line is working fantastically. Kelce is free, pass, first down! But then the Eagles do their job, Mahomes twice fails to find a taker under pressure from Haason Reddick. field goal?

1:07 a.m.: So, Trouble for the Eagles. After a yellow flag and two unsuccessful attempts, Hurts must go for 14 yards on the third down. Doesn't work, he gets a lot of pressure from the defense and throws the egg out after a short run.

1.01 a.m., TOUCHDOWN FOR THE CHIEFS 7:7: You're going crazy! Nine minutes have been played and we already have two touchdowns! Anyone who thought you couldn't win faster than the Eagles hasn't seen the Chiefs. Mahomes again with an outstanding pass to Kelce and things inside. Craziness. What spectacle.

0.59 a.m .: The Chiefs offense also comes in fantastic. Isiah Pacheco runs like a dervish, Mahomes finds his congenial face-off partner Traivs Kelce, then Mahomes goes alone and once again Pacheco runs against the rest of the world, sorry, the Egales. Shortly before Redzone!

If you want to deal more intensively with this wild Pacheco, you have the opportunity here.

12:53 a.m., TOUCHDOWN FOR THE EAGLES, 7: 0: So, now it's official! Hurts is pushed into the end zone by his boys. Nice sneak. The extra point fits too, crisp start, friends!

0.51 a.m .: There he is! Or not! Kenneth Gainwill jumps into the end zone after a run game, but he actually lands inches from the bottom line. Cannot give a touchdown.

0.49 a.m .: Wow, what a power of the Eagles, less than four minutes have been played and are already in the red zone thanks to the connection hurts and Smith. Is there a first touchdown? That would be an official start.

0.46 am: Good start for the Eagles! Despite the pressure, Hurts finds his recevier, DeVonta Smith. first down After that, Hurts runs alone, first down again!

12:40 a.m.: Kickoff! The Chiefs have won the so-called "Coin Toss", but decide against the egg and are allowed to open the second half with the game device. But like this: Defense first! A motto for the evening? The Eagles send their offense onto the field.

0.31 a.m .: Show over for now, now to the sport: Well, then let’s go!

0.28 a.m .: You have to like it, but show, the Americans can do that. "Babyface" sings "America the Beautiful", the fighter jets thunder over the stadium as usual, for the first time only flown by women. The national anthem will be performed by country music star Chris Stapleton. Tears flow with Coach Sirianni, and some players are also struggling.

0.23 a.m .: By the way, there is a duel between youngsters and legends on the sidelines. Nick Sirianni is only a sophomore head coach with the Eagles and could be an instant Super Bowl winner. His opponent Andy Reid was very successful on the sidelines for a long time with today's opponent, but he was denied the really big shot from 1999 to 2012. He moved to Kansas City and won the title with Mahomes three years ago.

0.17 a.m .: The teams run in to thunderous applause, what a mood! The Chiefs start, accompanied by the "Tomahawk Chop" of the fans. The Eagles follow a little later. The team from Philadelphia celebrates the first small victory, it was a little louder at the finish. What that means? Nothing!

12:10 a.m.: Another little fun fact: For many fans, the Super Bowl includes a large bowl of guacamole: This year, Mexico is delivering around 130,000 tons of avocado to the United States for the finale, according to the Association of Avocado Producers (Apeam) announced on Sunday. That's a record after exports of about 100,000 tons at last year's Super Bowl. Mexico is the world's largest producer of avocados. Around 2.4 million tons of avocados are harvested in the Latin American country every year. In the US, most avocados are eaten during Super Bowl weekend. The reason for the high demand is the avocado cream guacamole, which is traditionally prepared for the finale.

12:01 a.m .: Let’s get a little sporty: “Mahomes is a bit better than Jalen Hurts, but the whole team is better with the Eagles, so they are my favorites,” said German-American Amon-Ra St. Brown from the Detroit Lions of the German Press Agency. The Eagles have an outstanding running game and set a record with 39 touchdowns in this way this season, plus the enormous quality of the defense around Haason Reddick. "There's a reason they're one of the best defenders in the league," Mahomes said. "They're chasing you and it's going to be a big challenge for us to go out there and have some success."

11:45 p.m .: Hours before kick-off, the crowds crowded around the arena at the fan festivals, reports colleague David Benderglich from Glendale. Many just showed up for the so-called "tailgaiting", the celebration before the game. On average, tickets to the game cost $9,000, the second highest in NFL history. On the resale exchange, good seats sell for almost 90,000 US dollars a few hours before the game.

11:30 p.m.: One hour until kickoff, time to briefly and compactly refresh, update, compare knowledge:

11:10 p.m .: A game for the history books: With Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, not only do the battered quarterbacks of the best teams in the NFL face each other in the Super Bowl, but also two black playmakers for the first time. The radiance is tremendous - but are the two good as heroes?

10:55 p.m .: Super Bowl and gigantism, that cannot be separated. Even the promotion is an event in itself. According to media reports, the broadcasting TV broadcaster FOX will receive up to seven million US dollars this year for a 30-second spot. The manufacturers often invest many more millions in the complex productions with stars in the leading roles of the clips.

10:45 p.m .: Patrick Mahomes is still miles away from Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl victories. So far, the Chiefs quarterback has raised the Vince Lombardi Trophy once into the night sky. Nevertheless, it is completely undisputed who will succeed him as the face of the National Football League after the final retirement of the NFL superstar. "You have to be honest: Patrick Mahomes is probably the new and best quarterback in the world," said Sebastian Vollmer of the German Press Agency. "What the man does, has done and will do is, I think, unchallenged. We all know how good he is."

10:20 p.m .: The Kansas City Chiefs win, their wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster scores the first touchdown and tight end Travis Kelce becomes the most valuable player – at least the rapper Drake, known for his love of sports betting, is convinced of that. But is that a good omen for the Chiefs? In the past, Drake was often wrong in his bets, and there was even talk of the "Drake Curse". The 36-year-old placed seven bets on the final of the professional football league NFL - and bet almost one million dollars. $700,000 of that went to the tip that the Chiefs would win the title with their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. After all: In the semifinals, Drake had also bet on the Chiefs, who then prevailed against the Cincinnati Bengals.

10:05 p.m .: The final is on television on the free broadcaster ProSieben – for the last time. The game can also be seen online: in the free stream on, with the fee-based Internet provider DAZN or with the fee-based Game Pass of the NFL. The Super Bowl can be seen there with the original US commentary, DAZN offers this as an option.

9:55 p.m .: Hello and welcome to our Super Bowl live ticker: The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are fighting for the legendary Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Eagles, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, go into the game as easy favorites, starting at 12:30 a.m. local time. It would be the second triumph for Philadelphia. The Chiefs around quarterback star Patrick Mahomes are in the most important football game of the NFL season for the third time in the past four years. In 2020 there was a win, in 2021 there was a loss. And the anticipation worldwide is gigantic. In the USA alone, 100 million television viewers are expected. More than a billion (!) TV viewers are expected around the planet. The Super Bowl is considered the largest single sporting event in the world.