Surprising exchange rumour: Which club will redeem the desperate Ronaldo?

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo still has two days to find a new employer.

Surprising exchange rumour: Which club will redeem the desperate Ronaldo?

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo still has two days to find a new employer. He should definitely be here. Because the 37-year-old does not want to stay at Manchester United, especially since coach Erik ten Hag no longer has any real use for him. Another option seems to have burst.

Should Cristiano Ronaldo return to his hometown club Sporting Lisbon, it would cause extremely high waves. Coach Ruben Amorim is said to have threatened to resign if the Portuguese were signed against his will, according to a report by The Times. He worries about the dynamics within his team. The next slap for the superstar, who is so desperately looking for a club that not only gives him a sporting home, but also trust and participation in the Champions League.

So what now? The top options, that much seems clear, are off the table. Neither Bayern Munich nor BVB, Paris St. Germain or Chelsea FC have a need (or interest). All of these clubs had been linked with the Portuguese in recent weeks. It was initially an entertaining media game, but mutated into an almost pitying one. Because the reading of the bickering is as follows: Nobody needs Ronaldo. Not even his current employer Manchester United. CR7 is only a substitute there, which was not the wrong decision for the team's success in recent games.

Apparently, Ronaldo is no longer of major importance for the Red Devils: the new coach Erik ten Haag has other plans and has already received Casemiro, the legendary Real Madrid sweeper, for around 70 million euros. Now Antony Matheus dos Santos, called Antony, will probably follow him from his previous club Ajax Amsterdam. For almost 100 million euros (!). And Ronaldo? He still has two days to find a new employer. SSC Napoli is currently in the rumor mill.

As the "Gazzetta dello Sport" and the "Corriere dello Sport" report, Jorge Mendes, the 37-year-old's advisor, is working on a spectacular swap deal. Ronaldo should switch to the traditional Serie A club if they in turn are willing to hand over their courted goalscorer Victor Osimhen, who was once on the road with VfL Wolfsburg underferner Liefen, to the Red Devils. Such a deal could be difficult to pull off: According to the reports, Napoli are demanding well over 100 million euros for the 23-year-old Nigerian. After all, the five-time world footballer could play the Champions League with the Italians.

And what if Ronaldo just stays at United? When he no longer plays for the legendary handle pot in the premier class, but maybe has to duel in some round with SC Freiburg or Union Berlin in the Europa League? They would take it easy with the English record champions: "We played with him, so we want him to stay, that's what we want, I hope so," said coach ten Hag after the 1-0 win at FC southampton That doesn't match his actions. The Portuguese was not in the first eleven again. He was still used for 22 minutes. His greeting to the fans after the final whistle increased speculation that it might be his last appearance for Manchester. "We plan with him," said ten Hag. Strange. Exciting days in Manchester.

(This article was first published on Monday, August 29, 2022.)

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