Three Early NL Teams Poised For World Series Success This Season

How long until we get into the best part of the baseball season, the playoffs and post season? Ok yes, it’s still a few months away

Three Early NL Teams Poised For World Series Success This Season

How long until we get into the best part of the baseball season, the playoffs and post season? Ok yes, it’s still a few months away, but that shouldn’t keep us from talking about some teams that are looking all sorts of good in the National League according to World Series Betting platforms. While the league is still just getting into the true groove of things there are already squads around making the rounds and putting everyone on notice that come October if you meet them prepare for the best baseball around and worst results if facing them.

Here are three NL baseball teams that are just too good to let pass even this early on in the season.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Of course any list regarding the favorite teams in the National League to go for the World Series title has to include the LA Dodgers first. Not only because they’re the defending champions but because they’re that good and their lineup is as stacked as humanly possible. While their season has not been as dominant as everyone expected, nobody in the world can argue that when the Dodgers are in their element they are practically unstoppable.

Their rotation did suffer a huge blow by losing Dustin May for the season, but not to worry Dodgers fans, you guys still have Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Trevor Bauer, Julio Urias and Walker Buelher. Come on, that rotation is scary good and can take the Dodgers wherever they wish to go at any moment. While their main concern in their division and the National League will be how to outplay the San Diego Padres, if they get as hot as all of us know the Dodgers can get then there’s no team out in Cali, or the National League who’ll be able to stop this team.

San Diego Padres

Just like the Chicago White Sox can be considered the most exciting team in the American League with their brash and young approach to baseball, the Padres do the same for the National League. Fernando Tatis Jr. should be considered a baseball treasure in the city of San Diego and with ample reason. This team runs on the energy Tatis Jr. translates onto the field, so if one can read easily through the lines, if Fernando is feeling hot, the Padres will most certainly be winning games like crazy.

While the Dodgers’ rotation is scary, so is the Padres’. Joe Musgrove has already pitched a no hitter this season and with aces like Yu Darvish, Blake Snell and Chris Paddack it’s impossible not to want the Padres to go for it all this season. Just imagine this, a World Series matchup between the San Diego Padres and Chicago White Sox. They’ll probably have to show the series on PPV because it will be of the caliber of any top boxing or UFC fight day in and day out until there’s nothing left. You got excited with that thought, we know it, we did too.

San Francisco Giants

If there was ever a place where one could find the fountain of youth you would run into this season’s San Francisco Giants. With Buster Posey playing one of his best seasons in ages, yes, an MVP caliber season and with the help of guys like Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Evan Longoria, the Giants have brought back exciting and prosperous baseball back to the bay. All the offensive and defensive stats prove day in and day out that the Giants are quietly turning themselves into a baseball wrecking machine.

Their rotation, led by Kevin Gausman, Alex Wood, Anthony DeSclafani, Johnny Cueto and Logan Webb makes fans reminisce of those good old days where the Giants rotation was a thing to fear. While they are stuck in probably the toughest division in all of Major League Baseball with the Dodgers and Padres, one would be seriously dumb in the head to count out the Giants moving forward. Be it through a wild card spot or just outlasting their two other divisional foes, if the Giants make their way to the postseason there’s no saying that they can’t make it all the way to the World Series. Remember, the Giants have a thing with winning World Series titles this millennium, if the spark is lit again, everyone should just sit back and enjoy.

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