Tigers' Cabrera scores 3,000th run; 33rd player to hit the mark

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers' star, delivered the 3,000th hit in his career on Saturday. He became the 33rd player to achieve the milestone and the first Venezuelan to do so.

Tigers' Cabrera scores 3,000th run; 33rd player to hit the mark

At 39, Cabrera is still a formidable presence. He ground a opposite-field single right through the shift of Detroit's game against Colorado.

Cabrera raised his right arm immediately as he moved toward first base. Comerica Park's crowd of 37 566 gave Cabrera a standing ovation as he headed toward first base. They also chanted "Miggy!" While fireworks were fired from the middle field fence, Miggy!"

Cabrera stated, "I was like, Get it done today."

It was a 1-1 pitch by Antonio Senzatela (a fellow Venezuelan) in the first game of a doubleheader. Jose Iglesias (Rockies shortstop) came over to hug his former teammate Cabrera.

All the Tigers had gathered at the dugout to welcome the newest member in baseball's elite 3,000-hit club. Cabrera embraced his wife, son, and daughter at the field just moments later.

"I'm glad I hit it here. It's a joy for Detroiters to see it. Cabrera stated that he hoped to get more hits.

However, Cabrera didn't stay at first base for too long. He scored on a 3-run homer by Spencer Torkelson (22-year-old rookie) who has been named the Tigers' next big thing and is now the Tigers regular first baseman. Cabrera will now be the designated hitter.

Cabrera walked out of the dugout to give a curtain call to the fans who had been given the highlight of the game.

Cabrera wasn't done, however. Cabrera added another two-run run in the sixth and was then able to exit for a pinch-runner, drawing another big cheer. The Tigers won 13-0.

Cabrera continued to climb the charts with a bloop sing in the first inning. The Rockies won the nightcap 3-2. He ended the day with 3,002 career hit.

Miggy was a two-time AL MVP, Triple Crown winner, and an 11-time All-Star with four titles. His place in Major League Baseball history was already secured long before this afternoon in Detroit.

Cabrera, a rookie at 20 years old, helped the Florida Marlins win 2003 World Series. He was able to stamp his name on the 3,000-hit roster all these years later. It was a nice ring too.

It'll look great on a Cooperstown plaque someday.

Cabrera was the seventh player to have 500 home runs and 3,000 hits. Cabrera joined an exclusive club that included Hank Aaron and Willie Mays as well as Eddie Murray, Rafael Palmeiro and Alex Rodriguez.

Cabrera made his 500th homer in Toronto last August. In his 20th season, he's at 502.

Cabrera is the seventh Latino Latino player to reach the 3,000-chart. Cabrera tied Roberto Clemente for No. Cabrera moved ahead of the Pirates Hall of Famer by 3,001

Pujols was previously the player to hit 3,000 hits. He did it in 2018. He was at 3,308 as of Saturday. At 42, he has stated that this is his last season with St. Louis.

Who will be the next hitter to hit 3,000? It's hard to know.

Robinson Cano was 39 years old and trailed Cabrera with 2,630 on Saturday. Yadier Molina (also 39) was next at 2,116.

Jose Altuve (32) was the youngest player with 1,783 while Freddie Freeman (32) had 1,722. Mike Trout (30), was at 1,428.

Cabrera had three hits Wednesday, bringing him to 2,999. He then struck out in the final at-bat. He was 0 for 3, and intentionally walked his last at-bat against the Yankees. This drew loud boos from Detroit fans.

When Friday's game against Colorado was cancelled, the hallowed hit was still on deck.

Cabrera, along with Al Kaline and Ty Cobb, was the third player to score his 3,000th hit while playing for Detroit.

Al is one of my heroes. It was really disappointing that he couldn’t see it, as he would talk about this moment all the time. Cabrera stated that he hopes that he is smiling and happy right now.

Cabrera's ability to smash the opposite-field shots into right-center and clear any fences has been diminished by age, but he has had a remarkable career at the plate.

Cabrera was the first major leaguer to win the Triple Crown in 45 years by being the league's leader in the batting average, home runs, and RBIs in 2012. He won his second straight MVP award that year and helped Detroit reach World Series.

Aaron Boone, a former Marlins teammate and Yankees manager, said this week that Boone is "one of the greatest right-handed hitters,"

"And 3,000 hits and 500 homers. That's a rarefied air. He has done it in larger ballparks throughout his career, both here and in Florida. He's an all-timer, you know. He is in the inner circle of the Hall of Fame, and probably even the Hall of Fame. Boone stated that it was a unique career.

Cabrera's total against James Shields was the highest, with 27 hits against the former Tampa Bay and Chicago White Sox pitchers.

In a 2007 trade, Detroit acquired Cabrera from the Marlins. Dontrelle Wilis was also traded to the Tigers for Andrew Miller's and Cameron Maybin's services. Cabrera was a hit hitter with 842 runs at the time.

In the hopes that Cabrera would help the Tigers win the championship, the swap was made one year after they lost the World Series to St. Louis.

The Tigers didn't win it all with their superstar, however. Detroit was defeated by San Francisco in 2012 World Series. They spent 10 years rebuilding, with 310 losses from 2017-19.

Cabrera became an All-Star in 2016 for the 11th consecutive time. His production dropped and Detroit's success rate also declined.

In an effort to remain relevant, the Tigers made bold moves during the offseason. Cabrera was a draw to attract fans to the ballpark and hit one ball per game into outfield grass after crushing baseballs with great force earlier in his career.

Cabrera was a top prospect in the minors and made his big league debut June 2003. In October 2003, Cabrera made public his arrival to the major leagues.

Cabrera was able to launch a home run off Rocket after being rebuffed by Roger Clemens, Yankee ace.

Cabrera, who is nearly twice his age now, is still a child at heart. Recently, Cabrera rode the three-wheeler of the grounds crew for batting practice.

One of the game's greatest players can still score a base hit against the best pitchers in the world.

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