Trail Blazers rumors - Damian Lillard could request a trade

After several Trail Blazers rumors/reports from credible media, the Portland Trail Blazers fanbase is in an awkward place. Damian Lillard, star guard, was asking for a trade.

Trail Blazers rumors - Damian Lillard could request a trade

Another wild week of NBA Twitter has occurred, and it needs to be broken down one by one.

Bleacher Report's Sean Highkin and The Athletic's Oregon deneme bonusu beat reporter had opposing reports mid-week about Blazers general manger Neil Olshey possibly being on the out.

These reports made Portland seem uncertain as it was centered on a poor hiring process by the new head coach and subsequent investigation into Chauncey Blups after he was hired.

Henry Abbott, a respected NBA writer, tweeted the following, initiating a back-and-forth with Jusuf Nürnbergic. Abbott is a veteran of the NBA and has provided great research into past NBA personnel and teams.

This is a fact that Abbott couldn't have made up.

Lillard did a live interview with Chris Haynes, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider. __S.9__

This is the stage where we are as a team. Not just me but also my new coaches, our front office, and everyone in this organization need to look in the mirror. We've always fallen short. We must look in the mirror and admit that whatever we are doing isn't working and isn't allowing us to compete at the level we want.

Lillard clearly shows that there are things to be done, but he didn’t discuss the trade rumors in his interview in Las Vegas on Friday with Neil Olshey or Chauncey Billups. It's a sign that things aren't going well in the Blazers but it's encouraging that Olshey and Billups flew to Vegas.

In this interview, Dame also poured cold water over the trade rumors.

"I woke up to these reports, and a lot people were reaching out to me. It's false. It's false. Many things are being said. It hasn’t come from me. "I have not made a decision about my future."

There is a lot more to come in this space. But one thing is certain. Some have credible information that the Blazers organization is not in its best state and that Dame is suffering. Both of these statements are likely true.

Dame, however, is a respectful man who will work with you in your home before asking for a trade.

Olshey could be fired and Dame asks for a trade. To ensure these do not happen, you must make a huge trade to bring in more talent. Keep an eye out for this.

Date Of Update: 09 August 2021, 06:05

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