Unforgettable Achievements in Sports

Each year the calendar is filled with popular events, from the Grand National to the Super Bowl

Unforgettable Achievements in Sports

Each year the calendar is filled with popular events, from the Grand National to the Super Bowl, these events capture the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide who wait in anticipation for sporting history to be made and plenty of unforgettable moments have been witnessed. With so many different sports and amazingly talented athletes, there are countless records broken and historical moments captured, but here are some of the most unforgettable moments in sports that left viewers and spectators speechless and still give us goosebumps at the thought of them to this very day.

Red Rum at the Grand National

To this day, Red Rum has set an unbroken record at the prestigious National Hunt horse racing event - the Grand National. Back in 1973, Red Rum won the Grand National and in the following two years was against successful, making him the only horse to have won the event three consecutive years in a row, a record that stands unbeaten or even matched to this day.

However, in 2018, Tiger Roll took to the track and won the Grand National, then again in 2019; all set to match the record in 2020, the event was sadly canceled and made it impossible for him to do so, but he is one to watch in 2021, so we suggest heading to Timeform to place your bets as it may be a time for Red Rum’s record to be matched.

Usain Bolt - The Olympics

“The fastest man on earth”, Usain Bolt’s speed is not only record-breaking but almost superhero-like as made clear by his previous performances in the Summer Olympics. In the 2012 London Olympics Bolt took home the gold in 100m, 200m, and the relay, doing so again in the 2016 Olympics.

Not only does he leave his opponents in his dust but many photos of his races have captured him smiling while he runs as he knows that there is no chance of him being caught up, his skill is yet to be matched let alone beaten, the next Olympics is set to be no different and we expect to see Usain Bolt go home with just as many, if not more, gold medals. 

Serena Willaim - Tennis

As well as her battle against discrimination due to both her gender and race, Serena Williams is one of the world greatest tennis players, both men and women. Williams has won six US Open singles titles in which is the most singles titles won in the Open era; they went home with four gold medals after competing in three Olympics. Not only has she ranked at number one for over 250 weeks, but is also one of the only women to make it onto the Forbes richest athletes list, where she places to number 47 and this is due to her immense wealth, with over $26 million made between 2014 and 2015, but it is fair to say she is worth every penny when she has only lost none matches during her 15 US Open appearances.

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