USWNT recovers from defeat with a 6-1 win against New Zealand

The United States women's soccer team won 6-1 against New Zealand Saturday in Tokyo Olympics' second group stage match.

USWNT recovers from defeat with a 6-1 win against New Zealand

Head coachVlatko AndonovkiIt's hoped it will be the beginning of a new winning streak for the USWNT after their 44-match unbeaten streak was ended by a 3-0 loss against Sweden in the Olympics opener.

Five changes were made to Andonovski's lineup by the White Ferns for the meeting. This was primarily to rest some veteran players, but it is also likely to shake up the situation following the loss.

New Zealand tried to fight the World Cup champions in the early rounds, but was unsuccessful.Alyssa NaeherIn the seventh minute, he saved his life.

Tobin HeathAndRose LavelleAll that was quickly ended. Direct out of the back, Heath was awarded a Naeher goal kick. Lavelle made a dangerous run from midfield. Heath's pass broke the New Zealand defense, finding Lavelle in front.

Lavelle slipped her laces through the ball, and it was swung in close to the goalkeeper of New Zealand.Anna LeatTeam USA's first goal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Within 15 minutes, the U.S. had already retaken New Zealand's net.Carli LloydGetting the striker's startAlex Morgan- Her head effort was rejected.Crystal DunnSimilar fate was experienced by a potential assistee.Tobin HeathIn the 28th minute.Megan RapinoeThe hat trick of U.S. goals disallowed at the 30 minute mark was completed by Lloyd, who was only half-yard offside.

Minutes later, the assistant referee was apparently keen to raise her flag one more time.Lindsey HoranThe team scored their fourth goal from an offside position.

The U.S. eventually got the second goal before halftime.Julie ErtzHoran completed the goal by kicking a corner kick across the face of the goal. This was Horan's 100th cap for the national team.

For the Americans' third goal, New Zealand defender defender Michael Sullivan scored with a little less flairAbby ErcegAfter the hour mark, she attempted to clear into her own net. Although a classy substitute goal, it was still a great effort.Christen PressAndAlex MorganThe performance received some much-needed shine. The six-pack of American goals was completed by an egregious New Zealand goal in the final moments. It was the White Ferns second goal of the match.

The U.S. could not win the match and would have to repeat the same defensive mistakes against Sweden. The match ended in 72 minutes. New Zealand scored a goal against the flow of play.Abby DahlkemperNearly missed a clearance attempt, then tripped trying to recover. Kiwi midfielderBetsy HassettI took advantage and hammered home a pass from substitutePaige SatchellIn the net left by Naeher

After the Matildas, who were the latest to lose to the Swedes earlier that day, the U.S. moved up to second in Group G of women's competition. Both the U.S. and Sweden would be eliminated from the group in spots one or two. They would not meet again until the possible gold medal game.

To close out the group stage, the U.S. will face Australia on Tuesday.

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