"We are not afraid": Ukraine media stands firm ahead of the England showdown

"We respect England's national team. "But we are not afraid," was the headline in Vysoky Zamok on Thursday, a newspaper from Lviv in west Ukraine.

"We are not afraid": Ukraine media stands firm ahead of the England showdown

Ukraine is now aiming to defeat an England team who feel that fate is on their side, having been propelled into the Euro 2020 quarterfinals by sheer moxie and determination.

The Ukraine's Cinderella story saw them move up from third in Group C to win a surprise victory over Sweden on Tuesday with a 121-minute header. Andriy Shevchenko, the underdogs of Ukraine's Cinderella story, said what millions upon millions of excited Ukrainians hope: "Anything can be done."

Shevchenko, Shevchenko's coach and hero of the victory over Sweden at Euro 2012, stated that while it is difficult to score against the English, "it should not scare me." They should be motivating us because, in football like in life.

Shevchenko stated that the most important thing for his players was to get rest after the battle with Sweden, which saw Artem Besedin, Dynamo Kyiv's striker, become a bruiser. We'll be restoring players psychologically and physically. They were very energetic [during the match]." Besedin said that the guys would be playing against England as well.

According to the Ukrainian press, Saturday's match is likely to be close. A columnist for Ukraine’s Vesti wrote that "the English are a class higher than the Ukraine side." Our side can still win with fighting spirit and good fortune.

There are also painful memories. Pierluigi Kollina, the Uefa's former chief refereeing officer, stated that it was a mistake not to allow Ukraine to score after replays revealed the ball had crossed the line.

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