West Ham Shield Alves eyes Western under-21 Championship glory

Frederik Alves says that he and his Denmark teammates are full of optimism going in the UEFA European U21 Championship knockout stages.

West Ham Shield Alves eyes Western under-21 Championship glory

The Danes take on Germany from the quarter-finals on Monday evening with gone unbeaten in most 13 ties they've played in the contest so much -- winning drawing and eight two from the qualification round before winning all 3 group-stage games to reach the final eight.

Alves has been a part of the group for the vast majority of those games, beginning eligibility round wins over Northern Ireland and Malta and emerging as a substitute at the group-stage success over Russia that put up the assembly with Germany.

The tie will be held in the MOL Aréna Sóstó from the town of Székesfehérvár, in which the 21-year-old considers Denmark possess the quality to conquer their competitors and attain the semi-finals.

"I'm looking forward to see each of the boys in the group stages, and I am quite confident about the upcoming game against Germany," stated the centre-back, that started 12 days for West Ham's U23s at Premier League two Division 1 after connecting from Danish team Silkeborg at January.

"From the group phases the boys actually learned just how much quality our staff has playing both good and lesser opponents, providing us the mindset of the way to perform as the underdogs or as the favourites."

Opponents Germany, meanwhile, gained only once, drawing on their additional two twists to finish next to the Netherlands, also Alves considers the Danes have exactly what is necessary to conquer the 2019 runners-up and establish a semi-final together with the Netherlands or France and possibly reach the final for the first time in their nation's history.

He affirmed. "Since I have been around this group, I have just seen a very large degree of soccer in both practice and matches, so I truly believe we can go to the ending of the contest!"

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