What Sports Betting Markets Are Available In The Philippines?

Given the popularity of sports betting in the Philippines, it’s only normal for Filipinos to want to know which markets and sports they can wager upon. In this article, we take a look at some of the available sports betting market in the Philippines courtesy Mightytips Philippines.

What Sports Betting Markets Are Available In The Philippines?

What Are Sports Betting Markets?

Sports betting markets can be classified into two. The first classification is based on the type of sporting event, activity, or tournament it’s based on. For instance, a sports bettor may choose to wager on the football, basketball, or tennis markets. All of these markets are classified based on the type of sport. The second class of sports betting markets depends on the outcome or prediction that a sports bettor chooses. These may include overs or under, outright wins, goals scored, and their respective scorers.

In essence, the sports betting market can be defined as the market place for bettors and punters to wager on odds. Referred to as the odds market by some, the sports betting market features different types and categories of odds depending on the chosen sport. For instance, since there are no stalemates in Tennis, a bettor can only wager on a particular player to win. However, in games like football where matches often end in draws, a bettor may wager on the double chance market.

What Sports Can I Bet On In The Philippines?

In this section, Evelyn Balyton a sports betting specialist at Mightytips Philippines takes us through some of the necessary information about sports betting in the Philippines. The major determinant of what sports are available to a Filipino punter depends on what bookmaker such a punter uses.

If you hold a betting account at a local sports betting company in the Philippines, you may find your options limited to football, rugby, horse racing, and some other local sports. However, banking with a foreign sportsbook widens the array of sports betting markets you can access. Filipino punters can bet on almost any sporting league or event anywhere in the world by using international bookmakers.

Some of the most popular sports on international bookmaker sites include football, NBA, NFL, tennis, boxing, cricket, and so many others. For a comprehensive list of top offshore bookmakers in the Philippines, and their available markets, you can subscribe to the Mightytips mailing list.

What Sports Betting Markets Are Available In The Philippines?

Now, having examined the top sports available in the Filipino betting market, the next step is to identify the available sports betting markets. Filipino punters may choose to bet on the following sports betting markets, regardless of the sporting event or tournament they choose.

  • Outright Wins Market: This sport betting market involves picking the winner of an event. Whether you’re betting on football, basketball, boxing, or cricket, you can always wager on your preferred team to win the game. In addition to being available in many sports, this betting market is also one of the most popular among punters worldwide.

  • The Overs/Unders Market: The overs and under market is basically a game of numbers. Punters can wager upon the number of goals scored in a football match to be above or below a particular number. The same can be done for the total points recorded in a basketball game as well as sets, games, and points in a Tennis or Cricket game. Just like the outright wins market, the over/under market is also very popular.

  • Handicaps: The handicap market is a very tricky one and requires lots of information to wager upon. It usually involves giving one team an advantage before the event begins. As an example, in a game between Arsenal v Chelsea, you may give a +1 handicap to Chelsea to win the match. What this means is that Chelsea will emerge as the match-winner if the handicap (1) is added to the eventual scoreline. There are different types of handicap markets such as goals, corners, cards, and sets depending on the sport. Thus, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions of each market before playing.

Other sports betting markets that Filipino punters can choose from include; the goalscorer market, double chance, draws, and correct score. Most of these betting markets overlap between multiple sports and punters should endeavor to understand each betting market before wagering. Further analysis and other sports betting markets can be found on the Mightytips Philippines website.


In conclusion, there are multiple sports betting markets available to Filipino punters via a local and offshore sportsbook. Nonetheless, punters should ensure that they understand the workings of a particular betting market before wagering upon it. You should also make use of reliable and accurate sports prediction websites like Mightytips for more details and information on sports betting in the Philippines.

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