Wimbledon 2021: Tennis returns to Wimbledon in full force with threads of uncertainty

The return of tennis at Wimbledon Monday will make it clear that the sport's recovery from the pandemic is possible. This will be evident in the crisp whites the players wear at the All England Club for the next two weeks.

Wimbledon 2021: Tennis returns to Wimbledon in full force with threads of uncertainty

The sport is currently in a transition phase. Tennis in a world of pandemics is uncertain, just like restaurants, schools and supermarkets. Wimbledon's return is welcome.

Wimbledon was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. Roger Federer served with two match points against Novak Djokovic, but Djokovic won the final. The United Kingdom is now a major hotspot for the COVID-19 Delta strain, which has been identified as the most transmissible coronavirus strain. It arrived concurrently with looser restrictions on public gatherings.

Even though declaring the pandemic over on the basis of declining death rates may not seem like the right measure, people are still willing to move on. Although there was no discussion about the cancellation of the tournament, several players expressed concern at having to play in front of empty seats for the second year. Although the Wimbledon footprint is small, the popularity of the grounds has grown to a great extent. However, proof of vaccination or a negative test must be provided within 48 hours. Despite spikes in South America, India, and the U.K.'s vaccination rates, Wimbledon's capacity will be reduced to 50% for the fortnight. The finals will see the capacity increase to 100% for both men's and ladies' title matches.

Europe's soccer championships will be played in different capacities across the continent. This strategy feels premature because tennis is a sport that is played indoors and in close quarters, unlike soccer. The decision to participate or not to participate in a soccer match is an emotionally charged one. It is important to examine the mental toll of the 4 million deaths around the globe and to stop politicizing it.

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