10.2-inch display: Kindle Scribe is an e-book reader and notebook

Amazon introduces the Kindle Scribe.

10.2-inch display: Kindle Scribe is an e-book reader and notebook

Amazon introduces the Kindle Scribe. This is an e-book reader with a 10.2-inch display and writing function. This means that you can use the device as a notebook or add annotations to texts, among other things.

If e-book readers simulate paper, you should be able to write on them, right? With the new Kindle Scribe, which Amazon unveiled at its fall event, it's now possible. The pleasure is not cheap, the device costs at least 370 euros.

The Kindle Scribe is 5.8 millimeters thin and has a 10.2 inch screen with a high resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi). It is illuminated by a front light that automatically adapts to the ambient light. Its surface is matt and is intended to convey a writing experience similar to that of paper.

With the writing function, you can not only make notes in books. Among other things, it should also be possible to keep to-do lists or a diary and to check documents that you have imported from your computer or smartphone, such as Microsoft Word files. For free notes there are templates that simulate lined or graphed paper.

The stylus sticks magnetically to the side of the e-book reader and requires no electricity itself. The Kindle Scribe should be economical despite the new function. One charge should be enough for "several months of reading pleasure and several weeks of writing pleasure". The pen offers multiple line widths, a highlighter, eraser and an undo tool.

For higher demands, the stylus is also available as a premium version, for which an extra 30 euros is due. It features a special eraser on the top, as well as a programmable shortcut button to use it as a highlighter or open a new sticky note when pressed. With the standard pen, this is done via a display menu.

The Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship during the fourth quarter. The standard version for 370 euros has 16 gigabytes (GB) of memory. With 32 GB, the device costs 420 euros, with 64 GB you have to shell out 450 euros.

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