6 Must Have Mobile Apps For Checking Live Scores

6 Must Have Mobile Apps For Checking Live Scores

If you are looking to bet from your mobile phone, you would need an app or a subscription to a casino’s sportsbook. Sports fanatics crave that piece of information on their favourite team and the good news is, some of today we bring you the 5 must have mobile apps, totally free, Apple or Google play.


If you are at work skipping the match, the only way to keep abreast of what is happening on the pitch is Livescore. At Livescore, you get complete information on stats, player performance, goal and anything else you want to know! That good, really!  Apart from football, the site caters for other sporting events. To make your journey more personalised, you can star your favourite event and thus you activate the live notifications. Goal, point, foul or not, Livescores keeps you on track with everything.

If you are following a team event, expect the line-up to be announced some time before the match, this will give you enough time to strategize and to bet on your mobile.  If you are looking to squeeze in a bet towards the end of the match, you can track multiple events via in game statistics, ball possession, and shootouts on target. If you are a football maniac just like us, Livescores is a must!  The site has gained so much in popularity, that only recently it acquired the rights to live stream matches from the Italian Serie A and Portugal's Primeira Liga. This will go down quite well with UK Bookies and also gamblers looking to score a quid or two.


Fast Navigation and great UX is what comes to mind when we use the Flash Score app.  Here you can keep track of all the stats on tennis, gold, basketball, cricket, dart, football and much more. Summaries at the end of the match are also available, just in case you are planning to bet from your mobile on the next big game.

The site allows push notifications, meaning you can select your favourite sport team or athlete and always get up to date stats, line-ups, in-game commentary, fouls, goals and also yellow or red cards.

Flash Score takes home the title of innovation and always striving to get better. If you are looking for an app which is free and provides in depth insight, FlashScore is the way to go.


Once you land at the Futbol24 site, do not expect to get a fancy site with all the glitz and sparkle. Here you get a simplistic design, with all the football information that you could ever ask for. Start off by choosing if you want to follow an International team and competitions. You can then make sure to choose your favourite football team from the National Competitions, and also, you can choose more than 1 team if you follow a diverse amount of teams globally.  You download the Futbol24 app via your Android or Apple store, and make sure you are a football fan if you do that.  Browse through 800 competitions and find the best league or match to bet on your mobile.

Other perks include optimising your app through a personalised experience. Tap your favourite to save for next time, all the odds and information available at your fingertips will help you get ready to bet on your next match.


Fatmob mobile app brands itself as ‘the pulse of football’, and marketing wise, they could not brand themselves any better. Your one stop shop of football has landed and it brings you all the details on the German Bundesliga, Ligue 1, UK’s Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and many more other national competitions.

Here you get all the info on stats, goals, player substitutions, game schedules, starting lineups, cards and much more. If you are one of those punters who want all the info available to be able to bet on mobile, you need this app. 1o million users currently enjoy Fotmob on their mobile to keep on track with all the transfer market matters, any anything related to the world of football.

SofaScore Livescore

Another app worth a download is Sofa Score Live Score. The mobile app is downloaded from your Google Store or App store and brings you all the information one needs to land a winning bet slip or two.  Apart from the traditional football up to date information, the site also provides insight to 22 other sporting events; that include tennis, rugby, cricket and more.

Tournament stats, player information, fouls, goal trends and player of the match scoops. This is what Sofascore Livescore is all about. If you just want to follow that match that is not on your cable tv, or just want to keep track of the football match whilst commuting home, this app is for you...and also free!


Although Kickform is not a livescore platform, where you can keep track of in match data and stats, Kickform is what you need if you are looking for stats. The site operates on the Football formula called Kickform, a mathematical algorithm framework that is designed specifically to predict football match outcomes.  Do you remember the match predicting octopus at the Fifa World Cup?  Kickform is the online site to predict match outcome, results, player data and more.

If you follow the English Premier League, the UEFA CHampions League, or have your eye set to bet on a German Bundesliga match, you just need to have a peek at Kickform prior to placing all your bets. The site has gained a steady momentum of predicting matches, and there is no magic tool to do so. All the info and predictions are based on stats, delving into data and looking at what bookmakers globally are collectively saying. If you are a new starter to the betting world, you can read up all the betting strategies available and make an informed choice prior to placing your bets.

If you are looking to bet on mobile and secure some wins, Kickform is definitely worth the storage space!

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