A plea for cooking: at ease!

dear German, we need to talk: Is it really so hard to cook at home right? Makes it take so much effort, a knife, a pot and a pan to sauté a small chopped onion

A plea for cooking: at ease!

dear German, we need to talk: Is it really so hard to cook at home right? Makes it take so much effort, a knife, a pot and a pan to sauté a small chopped onion to cook potatoes, pasta or rice, vegetables to cook and a piece of meat to fry? No? It looks like one! The Germans seem to have a Problem with that. You have forgotten how to cook. "For years, we have noted that the cooking expertise of the German drops drastically," said Christoph Minhoff, chief Executive of the Federal Association of the German food industry (BVE), recently.

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The Corona-restrictions would have shown the plight clearer. "The elimination of the offer of fast-food restaurants, French fries stalls and the Italian restaurant around the corner throws the people back dramatically on their own cooking skills." And often leave much to be desired, because of the lack of Practice. According to a study by the drug manufacturer Stada only 46 percent of Germans are cooking fresh daily. In Europe, it is cooked, therefore, only in the UK is rare.

this is Why the industry is flooded for years, the kitchen with the automatic cooking of any kind. agents Where once the cooker was in use today is the multi-functional kitchen machine with keep warm function, which is often abbreviated with the Thermomix, also if it is from Bosch, Krups, Lidl or Aldi. Some of them cost more than 1000 Euro. With phrases like "Close the lid" that continuously appear on the small Display, incapacitated its users. There is space for your own thoughts or ideas is hardly any. Who cooks every day with Thermomix & co., you'll never learn, he learns not to cook. Nevertheless, Germany's kitchens overflowing with the cooking robots are. You can take control.

Then learn it!

their supporters, the devices defend with three arguments. Firstly, If I can't cook, and I'm at least with the Thermomix (or competitor products) to eat something Fresh. Secondly, I don't have time to make me weekdays on the stove to cook. Thirdly, dishes such as Risotto or mashed potatoes can I have, by the way, while I turn to the Frying of the meat.

To learn firstly Then it it is easy! To the second, But, just in the home office it goes! To thirdly: no, this one's also by the way!

As with the weather App

Now, Miele wants to help people in cooking. But not with a multi-functional kitchen machine with the function of keep warm. The cook assist is an App that knows what the hob is doing and distracts the user. The needy are not so in front of the pan, and look inside, but in you, but on your Smartphone, where you can see how hot she is. This is about the same as you would check the outdoor temperature with the weather App, without having to go in front of the door.

Miele uses the technique of temp-control of his induction hobs KM series 7000 smart. Below the surface of the Sensors, analyze the Material of the pan or pot, the temperature of the cookware kept constant sitting. Because the changes during the usage, if something boiled, cooked or fried. The usual way, in the displayed scale, a value between 0 and 9 to select only the induction cooker maintains a certain temperature. This does not mean, however, that the cookware also does this. Finally, the food warm and take up time, less energy and threaten to burning, because the induction cooktop provides the same heat as at the beginning. With temp control, three Bratstufen can be set: 160, 200 and 220 degrees.

Date Of Update: 01 February 2021, 13:20

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