Combo device from Husqvarna: One for all

With a battery system is like the marriage: Before you tie any longer, it is wise to test only once, whether for the intended purposes, nothing Better can find.

Combo device from Husqvarna: One for all

With a battery system is like the marriage: Before you tie any longer, it is wise to test only once, whether for the intended purposes, nothing Better can find. Of polygamy are not recommended for use in the garden, filling the house with things that don't fit together. If you already have a System, stick with it and hope that the range grows with the future needs. Prior to the initial purchase, however, it is correctly to Orient themselves in the total program. The differences in the individual devices of the known producers are manageable, and most of the garden fills the shed with the time, everything has the same color and is powered by the same battery.

Luke Weber

editor in the Department "technology and Motor".

F. A. Z.

But it is still manageable. More and more brands are multi-functional hand-held devices can offer, driven by the same internal - combustion engine or an electric motor. On the shaft, extensions and attachments to be plugged in, there are variants for both engine is the same. This is the gardener's friend, because the solution saves space, and expensive Motor must only be procured, however, its size is aimed at the most demanding of intent from the device, for others it is oversized.

The range is extended at all of our brands constantly, slogans about a dozen resolutions, or more, you do not need to take very seriously, because different-sized hedge shears or anything that can rotate on the motor sense, be individually counted. The programs of the major manufacturers are similar, but there are also rare specialties, such as an olive shaker.


The Husqvarna has to offer, but the battery powered multi-function device 325iLK, which recently became available in the trade, has other advantages. The about brick large battery with 36 volts and up to 9.4 Ah capacity is not pushed from the top, but crosswise in the slot, the System cannot run in heavy rain, or dirt from accumulating. Other manufacturers do not offer this possibility in the first place, but to store the battery in a belt bag or a backpack, in the assumption that the professional is working the whole day. The 325iLK can, of course, via an Adapter, we hold, however, that with the most powerful battery BLI-300, and full power output can be a good hour to create.

Then the last LED of the battery indicator begins to flash, the device will shut itself off, without which performance would have been previously subsided. This is the pure life, in practice, the multi-function device works much longer, because there are, depending on the activity again and again, more or less long interruptions, and the full power is only needed for a few tasks. Rules the sensitive with the index finger on the throttle lever on the handle, also there is a preset in three stages. It is typed with the thumb on the Display, an accidental change is impossible. Unintentional Start also does not work, only the start button needs to be pressed.

Snapped with a sharp Click

the drive of The 325iLK force acts as a gasoline engine, but it is much quieter. As a result, the work sounds of the essays in the foreground ready for the Sunday morning garden equipment with an electric motor are not. In operation, the vibration is immediately noticeable arms race, to the soft handles, nothing penetrates almost. The unit is easy to handle and nothing on the fixed shaft, there are about 2.3 kilos with the battery-BLI 300 2 add nearly, everything together makes a good balance. The users enjoy thought-out Details, the extension snaps into place with an audible Click and will be released with a Lever again, this does not prevent it is deep enough inserted. But why time, Allen and Torx screws?

Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 09:19

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