Grisly charges against baseball star

Tuesday was not a good day for Felipe Vázquez. The 28-year-old baseball player from the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball, was in court in Westmorel

Grisly charges against baseball star

Tuesday was not a good day for Felipe Vázquez.

The 28-year-old baseball player from the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball, was in court in Westmoreland County, Pittsburgh, where he was denied bail.

He is in custody in a nasty case of paedophilia, and on Tuesday it went from bad to really bad for the team from Venezuela.

in addition to being refused bail, he and his defense attorney presented no fewer than 21 new charges, which accounted for over sex with a minor to child pornography found in his custody. Each of the 21 points can give up to seven years in prison.

It writes several media outlets - including ESPN.

the Case involves a now 16-year-old girl, whose mother one day at a coincidentally came across some pictures on the daughter's phone.

They showed a completely undressed Vázquez. There were common images, and then there was living, in which the celebrity performed ’acts of a sexual nature with itself’, as it has subsequently been described.

We can only speculate on how the mother immediately reacted - and whether she was aware that the kind of communication took place when the daughter was 13 years old...

But after that be gotten over the worst shock, she wrote to Vázquez himself and informed him that there was a minor, he had written to. Then she called the police.

Vázquez in action against the San Francisco Giants 11. september. A few days later toppled the house of cards for venezuelaneren. Photo: John Hefti/USA TODAY Sports/Ritzau Scanpix

From then on changed lives for Felipe Vázquez.

17. september he was arrested – charged with to have had sex with a minor – and sharing obscene material with a minor.

the Police seized his iPhone CS and an Apple Macbook Pro during the search of his home in Pennsylvania. That took seven photographs and three video clips of a girl in various degrees of nudity', according to the authorities.

the Girl was allegedly 13 years old, when the sexual intercourse took place.

Or...’sex, but not true’, as it was formulated by him in a testimony to the Pennsylvania State Police.

And it must be explained.

The two had originally met at PNC Park in 2017, where Vázquez played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

the Westmoreland County prison official picture of Felipe Vázquez. Photo: Westmoreland County Price via AP/Ritzau Scanpix

Vázquez has told the police, that they began to communicate as as well as all other also do: On social media and in text messages. Here was the nudity and the aforementioned videos.

And then he chose a day to take the trip in an hour's time from Pittsburgh to Scottsdale Borough, where the girl lived at the time, to visit her.

Here she jumped into his car. Vázquez placed her on his lap, took the pants off of her and tried to have sex with her. Subsequently, he asked her to rise out again, because he had to play the match the same evening.

But really sex it had not been to.

For Felipe Vázquez did well enough pulled the pants down on both her and himself, and his penis was good enough on the way into her, but after having worn to get into in a minute's time, he gave up. What was the real reason for this, is not published.

Vázquez drove home again and played for the Pirates.

It was supposedly the only meeting between the two. They remained in touch even after the girl moved with her family to Florida. A move that should not have had anything with their relation to do. The latest image shared between the two dating back to July of this year. And so it was that the mother got their fingers into their daughter's telephone.

Felipe Vázquez has subsequently admitted that he has sent the girl both nude pictures and video clips.

He has, however, also explained that he initially refused to communicate with her because of her age.

the Authorities in Florida, who originally opened the case, tried to get him extradited from Pennsylvania, as one here would very much like to ask him for a judge. Exactly the same reasons as in Westmoreland County.

One of the great hopes is, that a witness, a policeman, who interrogated the minor girl after the criminal complaint. He claims that she said that she had lied about his age and shown Vázquez a fake ID. It may prove to be of great importance for Vázquez, who on Tuesday sat in the courtroom. Silent as the grave.

the Only statement from the main character during the hearing was a sigh. He sat, according to the present media and looked like the black hole that exists between the abandonment and decay.

At the arrest was Vázquez in time to meet a four-year contract with the Pirates to a value of 150 million dollars. Major League Baseball has suspended him, however, with wages in the first place.

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