Samsung Galaxy S20: The smallest flagship makes it the best - look

Actually, the device Yes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the Top on offer from Samsung. And in fact, it has won the photo-Test of the VIEW-reader. Nevertheless,

Samsung Galaxy S20: The smallest flagship makes it the best - look

Actually, the device Yes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the Top on offer from Samsung. And in fact, it has won the photo-Test of the VIEW-reader. Nevertheless, many testers have expected for the price of 1200 francs a slightly more rounded overall package. The conclusion was not only with us in the VIEWS of the Review, but also on many other testers.

That Samsung has at the same time with the giant of 6.7-inch Ultra-model with the special camera setting also presented two "normal" new upper-class Smartphones, well, it was almost under. We have tested the basic Version. The normal S20 without the 5G, that there are for about 800 francs. Individual Online retailers go under the 750 Swiss francs mark.

With 6.2 inch, the S20 has the smallest Screen, but it's still nice and big. And, above all, high-resolution, very bright and, if necessary, with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Loss but also the smallest model that you can choose. Either 120 Hz with a higher battery consumption or 60 Hz. An automatic switch depending on the Situation, there is not.

The Galaxy S20 is despite the great Screen surprisingly compact

With 163 grams of the S20 nice and light in comparison to many other models. And since it is quite narrow, it is really good in the Hand. Yes, it looks much more compact than it actually is. Ideal for all those who do not like to have such a huge Smartphone.

The great Screen with almost no edge of the housing, and with a small hole for the Selfiecam together with the thin and light design, the Highlight is for sure the S20.

No concessions one must make in the processor. Here's the same top model as the much more expensive Ultra. The 8 GB of RAM should also be sufficient. For this standard, there is moderate 128 GB memory with a card expansion. Also included is the fast fingerprint Scanner below the screen and the IP68 Standard waterproof case is.

the compromises you have to make the camera system, however, is a criticism on a high level. So Samsung is for the cheapest model has a built-in "only" three Sensors, the S20 Plus has a Sensor for depth measurement. The Ultra comes with the longer Zoom and the huge 108-Megapixel Sensor.

A camera sensor is less than the big brothers

At S20, a 64-Megapixel main sensor, it is quite conventional, with a wide-angle camera and a triple optical Zoom. Very good photos, as is always the case with Samsung, with very vibrant colors. And you have to turn off the Selfie, the automatic corrections, if you want it, of course.

The S20 also comes with a clear light and other difficult lighting conditions, the night mode cannot quite keep up with the very best. But this is criticism on a high level. For a phone under 1000 francs the camera is clearly one of the best photo systems on the market, with Features such as 8K-Video or the funny Single Take. With this function, you can record with a click multiple photos and Videos, which always results to back funny results.

And how long the 4000 mAh battery lasts?

anyone Who wants to, can also find a Version with 5G, pays for it, but depending on the dealer 150 Swiss francs or more a surcharge. You can save yourself so if you don't want to solve in the foreseeable future, a subscription for 5G. WiFi 6, the fast Wi-Fi Standard, is always with you.

the Software is managed. Samsung gets the most out of Android 10 is the Best, with a really good gesture control. At the same time, the Software is not enough slim, so everything is nice and liquid and easy to operate is.

With 4000 mAh the battery is decently large, even if the bigger models have to offer with 4500 and 5000 mAh more battery. Like the Ultra but not the hot relating to the term nothing, if the processor and the Display to work efficiently.

We have made the Test and the S20 are submitted along with the S20 Ultra and as a comparison, the Oppo Find X2 Pro a runtime test. All three Smartphones have played Youtube Videos in continuous operation, with automatic on-screen control and Wi-Fi. Overall, with as similar as possible conditions.

After four hours of Non-Stop Video of the Oppo to 75 percent of the battery, the S20 Ultra is 69 per cent and the small S20 to 66 percent. Say: The battery life of the S20 is likely to be similar to those of the Ultra. Not outstanding, but sufficient for a day.

Display features, form factor, Software, and price talk for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Also, the camera is convincing overall, even if you have to make small compromises. The battery life is the only weak point – but here you can live well with it. The S20 is so total that Top Samsung, the ratio of price and performance the most.

Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 17:48

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