Swisscom breakdown series: Fourth of mains failure ensures Irritation

From the line flown: Since the lunch was in the mobile network of Swisscom, the worm in it. In large Parts of the Mittelland and Eastern Switzerland, nothing mo

Swisscom breakdown series: Fourth of mains failure ensures Irritation

From the line flown: Since the lunch was in the mobile network of Swisscom, the worm in it. In large Parts of the Mittelland and Eastern Switzerland, nothing more was almost. SIGHT-readers from the Region of St. Gallen, and the Zurich Metropolitan area report.

The mobile telephony in all regions of the country was affected parts, announced as the company. It is already the fourth major breakdown in the current year. Swisscom has not commented on the reasons for the disorder yet. The Problem is more unknown.

at 16 may be the Swisscom all-clear. "The fault is fixed. The Services are available for 14.55 PM again. The systems are monitored by our technicians continue to work closely," said a Swisscom spokeswoman to VIEW.

About 3 hours down

Between 11.50 PM and 14.55 PM conversations over the mobile network for business and private customers were affected, it is called. "More calls from Mobile as well as landline Business numbers (08xx) were not possible. We regret that the event was extraordinary." The emergency numbers were not affected by the condition.

In some Parts of Switzerland, according to the App's "Alert Swiss" Federal Connections from the mobile network of Swisscom to the emergency numbers 112, 117, 118, 144 is no longer possible. The Canton police recommended to call in case of emergency, via the fixed network or mobile phones of other phone providers.

Such as the Graubünden cantonal police: "Due to a mobile network disruption are the emergency numbers for the lunch, limited distance. The emergency numbers in the Canton of Graubünden, can be reached from a fixed line."

police and ambulance services no longer available

Shortly before noon, a lot of messages from VIEW-readers arrived. "Since 11.50 am to make telephone Calls over the mobile network is affected. A more exact demarcation is currently being carried out. The cause is analyzed," said a Swisscom spokeswoman to VIEW. "We are working intensively on the Troubleshooting and re-inform."

According to the Website "Alert Swiss" are at least in several cantons, including Aargau, Berne, Lucerne and Obwalden, the emergency numbers 112, 117, 118, 144 on the cell phone. The concerned police corps informed on the social media.

The first trouble reports from customers and on Online portals related to mobile telephony. This is likely to be disturbed in the whole of Switzerland, such as the website of the "Alert Swiss" of the Federal office for population protection to.

Fourth fault this year

Always came back to it in the last few months to similar disorders. Two were not available, neither TV, nor Internet, or landline. Even the emergency services went! Debt maintenance work. In part, the Swisscom called the Installation of Updates as a reason.

Therefore, the policy is now dealing with the problems in number 1 in the Swiss telecommunications market. The Swisscom-management needs to take the column in a month or so in the Federal government in Bern and the telecommunications Commission of the national Council explain. The hearing had already been following the recent disturbances in the spring of recognized. "Now it is all the more urgent", says SVP-national Council member Sandra to Berger (46). "I will not let myself with the statement to be satisfied that the holding can happen. Now the answers we need."

"Just when emergency there is no Pardon"

the Grisons CVP-Nationalrat Martin Candinas (39) is displeased. The Swisscom have announced measures. It is now the fourth Time within such a short period of time to a large-scale disruption was "unacceptable". Especially, should also be the emergency phone numbers have been affected. "Just when emergency there is no Pardon."

The Federal office for communications (Ofcom) has already announced in February an investigation. Is not completed them yet. SP-national councillor Edith Graf-Litscher (56) in the hopes that soon clarity will be managed: "Ofcom must investigate the matter and check what is the cause of the breakdown and where action is needed."

After the mishap in February, Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi (60) castle personnel consequences are not. It is unacceptable that emergency numbers be. "Stability and capacity are our top priorities," verse more splendor Schaeppi in an Interview with the "Sunday look".

The series of glitches in the Swisscom

A small but important network in large Parts of Switzerland massive disruptions in the fixed network. The defective part leads to a failure of the emergency numbers.

Ironically, during the Transmission of the Superbowl, the biggest American sports event, the customers of Swisscom TV with a matte screen.

The landline is in Switzerland, due to maintenance work to a standstill. Whole 90 minutes in the emergency numbers are not reachable.

Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi (60) had to enter the Federal house. Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (60) wanted to learn first-Hand why the Swisscom again and again to disturbances.

Swisscom has problems with Roaming. Calls over the mobile network to France and Belgium were not possible.

About three hours long, there are country-wide problems in the mobile network. Still, the cause of which is unknown.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 07:49

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