The Bernabeu declares war on the VAR

Chronic Live Preview in Addition to the Athletic in the Santiago Bernabéu there was another enemy, this invisible. He reported the displeasure of his presence,

The Bernabeu declares war on the VAR
Chronic Live Preview

in Addition to the Athletic in the Santiago Bernabéu there was another enemy, this invisible. He reported the displeasure of his presence, when it was announced over the pa, even though it would be to remember the reasons of your existence. It was more whistled even the names of the players atletico the issuance of the protocol of action of the VAR, the announcement of the referee in charge of the VOR and of the collegiate walk of field. All were received with reproaches sound of a public that does not forget the two games at the Camp Nou that were not designated as penalty kicks, and that led to an upset that could even with the cold that was also punctual to the appointment.


Another Madrid blank Wins the show, by Jordi Cruyff

he made it clear the fan of real madrid than any technical decision would receive its corresponding sentence, even though the party didn't generate puzzling situations, and even decide in favor of Madrid at the time of cancelling a goal of Kodro out of the game. Not had anything that sees the meeting of yesterday of the Barcelona, to the point that Zidane changed the composition of its eleven, in which she gave start to Vinicius and Rodrygo.

The two brazilians were part of the four changes, which introduced Zidane regard to the team that drew on the classic of the Nou Camp —the others were Militão for Varane and Modric for Casemiro—. If you both live permanently united to one comparison that does not stop, see them at the same time on the green showed that the two players completely opposite. Before the defence closed as the Athletic, with Lekue's and Yuri joining the line of three power plants, once detected the danger, each one used their weapons to try to overcome your brand. Vinicius turned to his explosiveness, to that rocket that lit up his legs, to face without fear. Rodrygo, by contrast, was somewhat more withdrawn in terms of direct confrontation and diversified their resources. Faced when he saw the field, but threw in centers with movements dry ankle and generated superiority looking for walls with Carvajal.

he Foresaw a party to the collision Garitano and raised as a response to a kind of network retractable which complicated the life of Benzema. The French tried to exercise in reference to their peers, as a lighthouse near the coast. Invited to the downtown Athletic, strong and ready for the crash (none of their players was at least 180 centimeters), although he lived of the oxygen delivered to the interventions of Unai Simón, capital to carry on breathing until the break. However, the Madrid tried to adapt to the surge, adding the largest number of players to the attack. Without Casemiro, sanctioned by accumulation of cards, Valverde was a replacement for the brazilian, although with the anchor free.

in Front of the abotonamiento space Athletic, Vinicius resorted to that dance waist unparalleled, but without a definition that stood up to the public even with his mistakes. The brazilian live connected with the spirit of the crowd and changed the pulse of the criticism. Yours were the trills most celebrated of the match, more than any other, the trim I threw in a span of Simon, but missed the auction. Just the opposite way that Rodrygo, blood less effervescent, but with the same ability to find water in the middle of the desert. Despite the fact that temperance, Zidane decided to substitute for him by Bale, giving by finished the dance between two players that are rarely seen up close on the field. Not lasted much longer Vinicius, who withdrew because of a sore hamstring, and that before leaving he had time to raise their arms claiming passion to the public. The problem is that all that energy I had as a receptor identified.

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Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 10:24

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