Activate and use on Kodi, Plex, Netflix, media Centre

Trakt TV is a plugin which lets you scrobble or keep tabs on everything you're watching on Kodi, Plex or other media devices. With the plugin, you will understand your watch history, not just on the device you're using, but also on other devices that share the same account. To use Trakt, you have to activate it first.

Activate and use on Kodi, Plex, Netflix, media Centre

The next steps will guide you to activate across various devices and media centers. Scroll to your device-specific manual for you to activate it properly and prevent instances where the activation doesn't work.

The Way to install on Kodi
To put in on Kodi:

Launch Kodi
On the top left side, select the search icon
Click Hunt Add-ons
Sort in then press Input or click OK
Select Script -- Trakt and then Install on another page that shows up
Wait for the Add-On allowed pop-up to Reveal
Now that you've installed, lets go straight into the activation process.

How to activate Trakt tv on Kodi
Follow these steps to trigger on Kodi:

Launch tv on Kodi
A confirmation window having an 8-digit code will be shown. If the code doesn't appear, go to Configure > How can I Authorize
Open onto a browser on your personal computer or mobile device
A screen will show up prompting you to add the code shown in Kodi. In case you haven't signed up for yet, a sign-up page will show up. Follow the steps to register for an account.
Input the code as it appears on Kodi and click on Continue
Click YES to allow Trakt to get Kodi to access your account
Return to Kodi once you see a success message on your browser

How to install on Exodus

If you're using Exodus Redux or some other version, follow these steps to install

Launch Exodus
Select Tools > Settings
Visit Trakt > Authorization. A pop-up with a PIN code should appear.
How to trigger on Plex and other media centers

Find and install from the media centre's app store
Launch Trakt, visit settings and select Authorization
Visit on your computer or smartphone
Enter the code displayed on the media center. You are going to need to produce a Trakt account if you haven't completed it yet.
Click Continue to pair the account and allow your device to get
Return to your media center to use Trakt to monitor your movies and television shows. activation isn't working? Here Is What to do

This troubleshooting guide can help if is neither activating nor working:

Install the newest version of your media player. Make sure you are installing Trakt to the latest edition of Kodi, Plex or any other networking device you're using.
Do not refresh Kodi or shut the Authorization page since a new authentication code might be created.
Assess your online connection. A slow connection may also pose issues when pairing.
If at least one of these solutions do not work, try activating it on another plugin. If it work, reach from the developer of the plugin which didn't get the job done. If both don't work, get in contact with Trakt.

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