Activate HBO GO on Apple TV

HBO Go provides some of the greatest shows on TV at the moment. Since a lot of men and women prefer to have the ability to watch their favourite shows at any time, HBO have established the HBO Go service that lets you get your subscription across a number of devices. It follows your viewership is not just restricted to cable access.

Activate HBO GO on Apple TV

You can now stream all shows via your Smart TV, iPhone, Android apparatus, tablets, and much more. For you to activate HBO go on Apple TV, there are a couple of steps to follow.

But first, you need an HBO subscription. In case you've already signed up, you can skip to the activation process.

The way to create an HBO go account
You can subscribe to a pay TV in your region and comprise HBO/ Cinemax pack in your package. As soon as you have done this you may set your HBO currently account with no additional costs. Here is the only means to activate HBO on Apple TV without cable
Open your browser and then visit
You can then input the username and password provided in your subscription
Fill in the details on the instant that pops up.
Now click on sign up
This will make your HBO go account and will guarantee that you aren't unable to activate HBO go on your smart TV.

Steps to activate HBO Proceed Apple TV
Follow these steps to activate your HBO subscription on Apple TV:

Download the HBO GO program in your TV. Current versions of Apple TV have the HBO app pre-installed.
Open the app
Click on'connect your provider account'
Steps will be supplied on how to continue on screen.
You require a pc or an internet-enabled apparatus. On the device's browser go to Alternately, a QR barcode will be shown on your TV screen that you can now scan with your cell phone. While utilizing the QR code procedure, you have to log into a HBO go program on the telephone prior to scanning the code. Your Apple TV will be triggered as soon as you scan the code. If you can not connect to HBO Go on Apple TV using the recorder continue together with the URL method.
While using the URL activation method, input the code displayed on your TV screen on the phone or computer to continue. This will activate the TV account.
Select a TV supplier or specifics of your subscription provider account.
Hopefully, this guide has helped you to activate HBO in your Apple TV device and that you're now prepared to enjoy some of the best shows on the stage.

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