Activate HBO GO on Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, DirecTV Today

HBO GO is among the best streaming solutions that allow users to enjoy instant and unlimited access to HBO shows, movies, sports, humor, and documentaries. To utilize the service, you will need an HBO subscription through a engaging television provider.

Activate HBO GO on Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, DirecTV Today

You'll also need the password and username to your TV provider's account. When you have , your next step will be to complete an HBO GO activation.

Activating the service is a straightforward process. If you're using Apple TV, here's a specific guide. Here are the steps to follow, depending on the device you are using.

How to activate HBO GO on Smart TV
Open the HBO GO app on your Smart TV
Select "Connect your provider account."
Follow the prompts on the display to begin
Go to out of your computer or any online browser
Or, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code displayed on your TV
If you are using the URL, input HBO GO activation code shown on your TV screen
If you are using the QR code and you've got the app installed on your mobile device, log in to the accounts. After logged in, your TV will activate automatically after scanning the code
For the URL, the following step will be to choose your TV provider. Then you'll need to enter the username and password for your supplier's account.

The measures above will enable you to trigger the HBO GO on a Samsung, Vizio, LG or any other Smart TV. Additionally, it works on Amazon Fire TV.

Activate HBO GO on Roku
Open the HBO GO station or go to Roku store to download and install the app
Once started, click on Activate your Apparatus
Visit in a browser
Pick Roku
Click Continue
Choose your Present TV supplier in the listing
A screen will appear requesting you to enter the provider's username and password

After signing up, an activation page will appear
Input the activation code displayed on your TV screen
You will notice a message which reads,"Your device has been successfully linked to your account."

Activate on mobile devices
You can also activate the service from your personal computer or mobile device through the measures below.

Download and install the HBO GO app
Open the app and register in to your account
Select your TV provider e.g. DirecTV
Sign into your TV supplier's account
Produce an HBO GO ID by following the onscreen information
After creating the ID, tap Save and begin watching any material you desire.

You may use the very same actions to trigger HBO GO on iPhone. Be aware that the measures above will be the exact same for activating HBO GO from the computer.

The gap, however, is that you can finish the steps by seeing and then sign in to your account.

Set up and activate a Gadget
If You Would like to activate HBO GO on any apparatus, simply follow the steps outlined here:

Make Certain You have an active HBO GO accounts
Log in to the account
Once logged in, click on the pen icon
Click the tab to add HBO GO to a device
After making your selections, click on Save
Be aware that you may just trigger up to three devices.

See HBO Anywhere!
You can't trigger HBO GO in case you do not have a engaging TV supplier. Also, you must have an active subscription to fill out the process. If HBO GO activation isn't functioning, the quickest solution is to contact the streaming service or your TV supplier.

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