Activate PlayStation Vue on Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, PS4 Account

Sony Interactive Entertainment discontinued PlayStation Vue from January 30, 2020. While it may be disappointing, you can still find activation manuals for alternative streaming services that offer incredible entertainment on this website.

Activate PlayStation Vue on Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, PS4 Account

There are several ways to trigger PlayStation Vue based on the device you are using. If you are wondering, you don't require a PS3 or PS4 so as to subscribe and watch content on PS Vue.

The support is available on any device such as Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, and Fire TV among others.

The Way to set up and trigger PlayStation Vue
Follow the activation manual below (based on the device you are using) to trigger PS Vue and enjoy watching live TV and PlayStation DVR content streaming.

Remember that you will need a PlayStation Vue subscription or a free trial to watch content. You may sign up here for those who haven't yet.

How to trigger PS Vue on Roku
If you are utilizing Roku, follow these steps to activate PS Vue:

If you own an Apple TV, follow this manual to trigger PlayStation Vue:

Go to the App Shop on Apple TV, hunt for PlayStation Vue and install it on your device
Open the program on your Apple TV after installing and then select Activate Your Apparatus
Open a browser on your own computer or any other device
Visit and sign in with your PlayStation ID
Enter the activation code displayed on your Apple TV apparatus

The way to activate PS Vue on Amazon Fire TV
To get PS Vue to work on Amazon Fire TV:

Open the Amazon App Store in your Fire TV
Look for PlayStation Vue and install it on your device
Open the app in your device and select Activate Your Apparatus
In your computer, open your browser and browse into
Sign in with your PlayStation ID
Enter the activation code shown on your Amazon Firestick device
The way to trigger PS Vue on PlayStation 3 or even 4
Follow this guide to trigger PlayStation Vue or your PS3 or PS4 device:

Open PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS4
Hunt and set up PlayStation Vue
Log in with your PlayStation ID
Your PlayStation Vue experience is dependent upon the potency of your internet connection and your location.

PlayStation activation code not working?

If you can't activate your account, ensure that the following is detected:

Check your internet link: A poor online connection may cause delays or split up the link once entering the activation code. Restart your own router to fix this matter.
You should be in a licensed state: You can only use PS Vue if you are in a state where it is allowed.
Sign up for an account: Sign up for PlayStation Vue account on your computer before you trigger it on a different device.
PlayStation Vue keeps logging me out! The Way to Repair

If you are being stranded out, it is due to the following reasons:

Your Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or PlayStation device's software or firmware has just upgraded. Reactivating PS Vue must provide you back access to your account. Just reactivate and keep enjoying your experience.
You are registering from different IPs. If your account has more than one user from various IPs, then you may be logged out frequently and you'll require reactivation. Consider changing your password if you have not shared your account details yet PS Vue keeps logging you out. It's also advisable to fix house place errors.
Did these options solve your dilemma? If you're experiencing any other problem or you've found a better solution, talk about it below to help more PlayStation Vue users.

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