Best device to play bingo

Online bingo games at Umbingo can be played on a variety of devices like computers/laptops

Best device to play bingo

Online bingo games at Umbingo can be played on a variety of devices like computers/laptops, mobile phones and even tablets. Players often debate which devices are best and what advantages they hold over the others.


Playing on a computer/laptop has several advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit that players will receive while playing on the computer is the size of the screen itself, compared to other devices the computer screen is simply massive. This will help players who find it more difficult to see the screens of small devices, it will be easier to make out the numbers on the computer. This increased visibility will save time for players as they will be able to scan their bingo cards much quicker. A big disadvantage of using a computer is the fact that they aren’t as accessible as a mobile phone or tablet, while it is true that you can transport laptops they are much more cumbersome than the other devices. For players who are always on the go, using a laptop or computer to play bingo is not recommended. For players who don’t mind playing in one spot and find it difficult to see the full screen, using a computer/laptop is the way to go.

Mobile Phone

Playing bingo on a mobile phone brings several advantages. It allows players to enjoy a game wherever they go. It doesn’t matter if players are on the bus, traveling on the train or just walking down the street, using a mobile phone will allow them to play bingo. Bingo sites seem to have encouraged mobile bingo as well, with a huge number of bingo apps being available for players to download. Of course, the big disadvantages with mobile bingo are that you will need enough data/ wifi in order to play a game, in certain spots, this can be difficult to get. The other disadvantage is that mobile bingo has a significantly smaller screen than the other devices. While this small screen makes it easier to carry around, it does sometimes make seeing things difficult. For players who already struggle to see things on their phones, playing phone bingo may not be the best idea.


The tablet option is perfect for players who feel as if a phone is too small but using a laptop/computer would be too cumbersome. The tablet is like the best of both worlds in this regard, it is easier to travel with than a laptop but it cannot be put in your pocket like a mobile phone can. It also has a much larger screen than a mobile phone has which makes it easier to see your bingo card but the screen is not as large as a computer or laptop screen. The tablet will also require wifi but that shouldn’t be too difficult to find in the modern world. Overall, a tablet is a great middle-ground option for players.

Closing Thoughts

Your own preference will depend entirely on what suits your lifestyle the best. If you are struggling to decide what device that could be then the tablet provides a happy medium for players.

Date Of Update: 27 March 2021, 17:03