Best Gadgets Under 10,000

It must be hard to buy a gadget for a crazy techie when you have absolutely no idea about these high tech devices

Best Gadgets Under 10,000

It must be hard to buy a gadget for a crazy techie when you have absolutely no idea about these high tech devices. It must be particularly harder to be a gadget fanatic yourself, who is also low on finances.

But it's time to set your worries aside and look beyond refurbished smartphones, tablets or a laptop on EMI because we're bringing you some of the best gadgets to purchase under 10,000 INR.

  • Google home:

The Google home is a virtual helper that responds only when you command pre-programmed wake words like 'OK Google' or 'Hey Google'. Designed to compete with Amazon's Alexa, the Google home performs basic tasks like searching the web, sending out messages or calls, playing music, booking a cab, setting up a reminder or an alarm, etc. all without even looking into your phone! Available for 9,999 INR, this gadget will add a sophisticated touch to your home and will even make a great present for your loved ones!

  • Samsung gear fit 2 pro:

The Samsung gear fit 2 pro is a great way to stay motivated and enjoy keeping up with all your fitness goals. What's more, it also offers smartwatch features and enables you to receive calls or texts and sets up alerts and notifications. Not only is it stylish and compact, it is also powerful and water resistant. The fit 2 pro is available at 8,999 INR on Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Fujifilm instax mini 9 instant camera:

If Polaroid pictures are aesthetically pleasing to you, then the Fujifilm instax mini 9 is the perfect choice to splurge on yourself. The cool colors and the grainy finish on the pictures give you a sense of calm and add a unique touch to your memories. With additional features like selfie mirror, built in flash, and high key mode, this camera makes a great gift as well. Available on Amazon for just 4,079 INR, it is a must have gadget.

  • Nescafe Esmart coffee maker:

If you or your better half are not morning people, and always miss out on breakfast or coffee because you're frantically running around the house trying to leave to work on time, you can strike one of the morning tasks by getting the Nescafe Esmart coffee maker. The revolutionary coffee device is controlled through an app and keeps your coffee ready and hot for you. Get creative with recipes or invent your own, this coffee maker is easily one of the coolest things to invest in. Available for just 6,499 INR on Flipkart and Amazon.

  • Yi 4k action camera:

A great substitute to the GoPro, this xiaomi action camera is a delightful combination of versatility and style. It sports a 2.2 inch touch screen, ultra clear 4k video resolution, great 8 hours or battery life, and offers quick and easy editing options. It's simple enough for beginners to use but provides professional outputs. Just capture and share on social media at a click of a button! The Yi 4k action camera is available at 9,990 at

So search no more for the perfect gadgets and get home one of these amazing products!

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