Betiton™ | Success at the 2021 SiGMA Gaming Awards

The 2021 SiGMA Gaming Awards was held on the 15th of November during Malta Week, and Betiton™ won a much-coveted award. Find out more here.

Betiton™ | Success at the 2021 SiGMA Gaming Awards

The SiGMA Rising Star Operator of the Year Award Is Won by Betiton™

Malta Week started on the 15th of November and ended on the 19th of November. One of the most important parts of this week was the SiGMA Gaming Awards. The awards night was attended by iGaming representatives from some of the world's biggest iGaming companies. The award ceremony was held at Hilton in St. Julian's.

A number of awards were handed out during the 2021 SiGMA awards ceremony, with one of the most prestigious being the "Rising Star Operators of the Year". The company that won this coveted awarded was Betiton™. Arnaud Serour, the co-founder and CEO of Betiton™, was the one to accept the award, and he said: "This prize that rewards all our efforts and all the passion we injected since the launch of Betiton™ means so much for us. Thanks also to Djibril for helping us skyrocket Betiton™’s brand awareness." 

Other big awards that were handed out during the night include the "Sportsbook Affiliate of the Year" which was won by Oddspedia, the "Affiliate of the Year" which was won by Bluewindow, and the "CEO Woman of the Year" which was awarded to Clemence Dujardin.

About SiGMA

SiGMA is responsible for organising some of most-attended iGaming festivals. They hold their events in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and America. Their events can last for a number of days, and they are often attended by hundreds of thousands of iGaming fans.

About Betiton™

Betiton™ first came into being in March 2020. This website offers its services to players all over the globe. Its products include live casino tables, sports betting markets, and online slot games.

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