Cool Easter Eggs in GTA 5

How many times have you played GTA 5 and wondered where exactly the hidden gems are?

Cool Easter Eggs in GTA 5

How many times have you played GTA 5 and wondered where exactly the hidden gems are? Read below to see all the cool easter eggs in GTA.

GTA 5 contains numerous secrets and hidden items, many of which are related to the story or characters. Many of these items are only accessible through specific glitches, which require certain actions or conditions to trigger them. Some of these secrets include new vehicles, weapons, clothes, weapons skins, tattoos, and even new missions and other information. Here are some of the coolest things you can discover in the game.

Cool Easter Eggs in GTA 5

1. A $100 Million Money Counting Machine

In one mission, Franklin is sent to a casino to count a certain amount of money. There is a machine that counts the money as it comes out of the slot machines in increments of million dollars. The slot machine can also be found at casinos online.

2. A Supercar with No Engine Sounds

After completing one mission, there's an event where you get behind the wheel of a car called "The Beast". It has no engine sound effects whatsoever. You may want to consider picking this up if you're having trouble with your exhaust system.

3. The World's Largest Police Car

One moment during the "Fruit & Nuts" mission, when Trevor is driving down the road at high speed, he crashes into a police car. Once the chaos dies down, he gets into the driver's seat of the gigantic cruiser. Apparently, Rockstar wanted to make sure that players knew who was in charge.

4. A Huge Dummy With Franklins Face on Its Body

One of the final scenes in the game takes place at the hospital. Inside, we see that Franklin has become part of a massive dummy. He looks just like him but stands over 7 feet tall!

5. A Gun That Shoots Lightning Out Of Your Hands

If you use a flare gun inside of Franklin's apartment, you'll notice something strange about the projectile - it doesn't look like any normal bullet you've ever seen before.

6. Random Missions In Your Pocket

At one point in the game, you can pull off-duty cops out of their cruisers while they're parked to kill them for cash. But what you might not realize is that they stick around for a little while after you kill them, allowing you to play random side missions for yourself.

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