Crises change priorities: These are the most popular iPhone and iPad apps

Apple reveals which apps have been the most popular among iPhone and iPad users so far this year.

Crises change priorities: These are the most popular iPhone and iPad apps

Apple reveals which apps have been the most popular among iPhone and iPad users so far this year. Old acquaintances like Whatsapp are further ahead, but due to the current crises other applications are at the top.

The corona pandemic continues to have an impact on the lists of the most downloaded and best-selling apps for the iPhone and iPad in Germany. In addition, there are trends in the travel behavior of consumers.

As in the previous year, the most downloaded free application on Apple's smartphone is the Covpass app, which allows users to manage their vaccination certificates. It is followed in second place by the Corona-Warn-App, which was fourth in 2021. The Luca app for recording the contact details of restaurant visitors, which was still used in many federal states at the time and ranked second in 2021, has completely disappeared from the top ten.

The popular Whatsapp messenger meanwhile makes it to the three. This is followed by other well-known apps such as Google Maps, Paypal, Tiktok and Instagram. The DB Navigator of the railway is probably thanks to the 9-euro ticket on the figure eight. VR SecureGo plus from the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and the Google app complete the ranking.

The fact that camping was very popular can also be seen from the chargeable iPhone apps. ADAC Camping/Stellplatz 2022 came in five, the weather app Weatherpro in ninth place and Peakfinder, an app for recognizing mountains, in tenth place. Nothing has changed on the podium compared to the previous year: Pro once again takes first place, followed by Messenger Threema and Oh dear, I'm growing!. The other places go to Autosleep sleep tracker (four), food with love (six), Forest - stay focused (seven) and baby monitor 3G (eight).

The iPad apps include just as many applications that were already popular in 2021. Streaming services in particular can score points. Amazon Prime Video is in second place for the most downloaded free apps, just ahead of Disney and Netflix. The video portal Youtube follows on the five, Joyn makes it to place ten. In addition, the focus is primarily on productivity - with GoodNotes 5 at the top of the podium and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Zoom in sixth to ninth place.

Among the best-selling iPad apps, Procreate grabs the win ahead of Messenger for Whatsapp on iPad, Ankimobile Flashcards, Affinity Photo and Myscript Calculator. ADAC Camping/Stellplatz 2022 comes sixth on tablets, ahead of Affinity Designer, LumaFusion, Book Creator for iPad and Weatherpro for iPad.

In 2021 still very trendy and on the one, Among Us! no longer placed among the free iPhone games in the App Store this year. Instead, Subway Surfers leads the top five ahead of Stumble Guys, Fishdom, Hay Day and Count Masters: Running Games 3D. Meanwhile, the classic Minecraft is the best-selling game on the iPhone, ahead of Bloons TD 6, Monopoly, Pou and Plague Inc.

The top rankings look similar on the iPad. When it comes to free games, Stumble Guys leads Hay Day, Subway Surfers, Roblox and Happy Color "Paint by Numbers". Again, Minecraft was the top buy, ahead of Monopoly, Bloons TD 6, Plague Inc. and Stardew Valley.

Users of the Apple Arcade game subscription service remember the good old days and let the angry birds fly back to first place in a new version with Angry Birds Reloaded. It is followed by Bridge Constructor, Bloons TD 6, Lego Star Wars: Castaways and Mini Motorways.

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