Electric car charging stations are being added to towns as gas prices rise

As interest in alternative fuel-powered vehicles grows, a wave of electric vehicle charging stations is being built across the country.

Electric car charging stations are being added to towns as gas prices rise

This could be exacerbated by a global rise in gasoline prices.

Although most of these plans were already in place before already high gasoline prices soared due to the conflict in Ukraine, it is possible that the timing will work in favor electric vehicle manufacturers and other supporters of ditching fossil fuels.

Cities large and small have been adding charging stations to their electric vehicles from coast to coast. Strong demand is expected for these vehicles, despite the fact that they are more expensive and less readily available. This means that even more communities will feel the pressure to install charging stations, or risk being bypassed by motorists who prefer plug-in-friendly locations.

These investments are made public because gasoline prices in the majority of the country are higher than $4 per gallon, and in some places even more.

Monday saw New Jersey officials award $1 million in grants for electric vehicle charging stations to 24 tourist areas. This was done to encourage tourism by assuring electric vehicle owners that they can travel to New Jersey without running out of power.

Joseph Fiordaliso (president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities) said, "Don't worry." "We have the equipment so you don't need to worry about range anxiety."

Asbury Park, Atlantic City and Ocean City are some of the places that have received money to build new charging stations.

The state budget funds the money. NJ Transit, the state’s public transportation agency will install electric charging stations at a Camden bus depot, just outside Philadelphia, on Tuesday.

New Jersey has 625 car charging stations

Federally, Hoboken, located just outside New York City will receive six new charging stations as part of a deal announced Monday. Robert Menendez, U.S. Senator, stated that the federal spending bill will "help ease our transition to electric cars, reduce emissions and create a cleaner environment in which our children can play."

All across the country, governments are doing the same. Over the next two-years, Bellingham, Washington will be adding 90 charging stations. Portland, Maine recently signed a 10-year agreement to install, maintain, and operate more than 40 electric vehicle charging stations located on public property.

Charleston, West Virginia has added two charging stations to its public parking garage. Among the cities that have added charging stations are Charlotte, North Carolina and Cleveland.

It is also happening in other countries. This year, 164 stations will be added to Glasgow, Scotland.

According to Kelly Blue Book, nearly half a million electric cars were sold in the United States last year.


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