Facebook Question of Week: Do You Support the Banning of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools?

Recently, the state's board for education banned critical race theory from schools. This has sparked more controversy about a topic that is already hot.

Facebook Question of Week: Do You Support the Banning of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools?

Britannica defines Critical Race Theory "an intellectual movement, loosely organized framework for legal analysis, based on the assumption that race isn't a natural biological feature or subgroup of human beings but rather a socially constructed (and culturally invented) category that is used oppressively and exploitively against people of color."

Gov. Ron DeSantis was a key figure behind the state's ban on Critical Race Theory lessons.

"As Governor of Florida I love this state, and I love my nation," he stated earlier this month during a press conference regarding this ban. It is unthinkable that other federal leaders believe we should teach children to hate our country. It is unacceptable that Florida would allow it. "I'm proud to say that we are taking steps today to ensure Florida has the best educational system in the country."

Clay Today asked its readers their opinions on the new ban, and Clay County replied with support for DeSantis.

Jason Doane stated that "very few" are actually teaching the actual Critical Race Theory. If they were, it would not be an issue for me as they would have had to teach it as it is...a theory. It is a scholarly opinion that has been based on facts and history. This would allow you to offer opposing views.

"Unfortunately, they are teaching these opinions of CRT scholars and pillars their theories as facts tied to history without any discussion that these opinions are opinions."

Becky Price stated that Critical Race Theory should not only be taught in college but also in junior and senior high schools.

She said that Critical Race Theory was the stuff of graduate study, and not elementary or high school. "What so many people are so passionate about is that they don't know what it is other than thinking it is being vile to white people. This is absurd. It is imperative that history be taught, and that this waits for graduate school.

Teresa Sanday on the other side finds this ban to be hypocritical.

What do you call it if you don't teach your kids about slavery but keep Confederate monuments, flags, and symbols of truly evil people who are determined to enslave other humans?" Hypocritical race theory. Raize your racist flags and claim that there is no racism.

Sanday was the only person to voice disapproval with DeSantis and the state's decision. When asked whether Critical Race Theory should ever be taught in schools, multiple people responded with a simple "no", while Woods Allen said that they believe it's a way to divide people.

Allen stated that CRT is a way to divide peoples when we should be celebrating our unity. It is a slow process, and it took a while, but it is now that we don't see any people wanting to leave our republic.

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