Ford aims to Make new pickup fans Together with the Newest roomy hybrid 2022 Maverick

Attractively priced, using a 40-mpg hybrid beginning at $19,995 and going on sale this autumn, the Maverick is meant to obtain a completely new category of consumers to pickups, advertising manager Trevor Scott informed me at a meeting.

Ford aims to Make new pickup fans Together with the Newest roomy hybrid 2022 Maverick

"We fully expect to place the Maverick on the map together with clients who have not formerly considered pickups," Scott stated. "We anticipate a high number of first-time pickup buyers" who formerly drove little sedans and SUVs,'' Scott explained. "Our target clients have had to undermine fuel efficiency versus passenger or cargo space."

The Maverick's 100.3 cubic feet of passenger space will be much greater than Ford's stopped Fiesta and Focus little cars, and almost as much since the defunct midsize Fusion sedan, that cost tens of thousands of dollars over the Maverick's bottom cost. Its 54.4-inch long mattress dwarfs those automobiles' cargo capability, even though a fold-up back seat provides big-box space shielded from the elements and pilferage.

2022 Maverick highlights
Four-door, five-passenger cottage, with Lots of storage

191-horsepower hybrid model rated 40-mpg in EPA city driving evaluations

Optional 250-hp version

Front- or drive

54.4-inch long bed

Standard automatic emergency entrance braking

1,500-pound payload

Request Subaru
Regardless of the Maverick's attractive price and attributes, uncertainty is merited, if not required. Without getting too deep from the technology weeds, preceding tiny pickups constructed on car-type chassis such as the Maverick utilizes have always flopped from the U.S. Pickups are popular and rewarding here, but buyers spurned small trucks which strayed in the body-on-frame structure of Ford's Ranger midsize and F-series full size pickups.

The Honda Ridgeline, larger and much better armed than that trio and endorsed by Honda's coveted reputation, has marketed gradually here, with only 32,168 earnings in 2020 and 33,334 at pre-pandemic 2019.

Ford hopes to sell much more Mavericks compared to that. The compact pickup is just one of those"white space" vehicles that the automaker counts to cancel sales lost as it fell the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion.

"Who better than Ford, together with our authenticity and legacy construction pickups" to convince new clients to try out a truck, Scott requested.

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