Highest Paid Information Technology Careers

Highest Paid Information Technology Careers

No doubt that information technology is one of the most significant growing fields out there. Technology has advanced at a very considerable rate in recent years and created thousands of new jobs. Information technology is now full of highly-paying tasks that are set on the course of growth in the future. Most of the students always wonder what kind of degree they should pursue. On the other side, personal interests also play a significant role in choosing a degree. But when it comes to the degrees with the highest paying jobs, then information technology is never an exception. If you have a knack for computer science and network technology, then information technology is the right career to go for.

There are many reasons why students must pursue a degree in IT. Not just the fact it is active, but it offers opportunities for the highest paid jobs. It can be quite overwhelming to earn an IT degree, but later on, you will start to see significant benefits from it. IT involves an extensive set of skills and responsibilities to carry out the perfect job. Moreover, careers provide a variety of degree options for students to ease their dilemmas. Some of the degrees are general and trains a student for multiple IT careers, while some degrees focus on a specific career. With that said, let’s discuss the top 10 highest paid IT degrees that you can earn right now.


If there is to talk about the top highest paid degree in the IT career, then information scientists are not an exception. The information scientist is responsible for developing solutions to involve computer and software complications. The degree trains the students to tackle these complexities in the more giant corporations and minimizing the risks of errors. Many experts and theories relate the computer and information researchers as innovators of the future based on their responsibilities.

Now with technological advancement, computer hardware and software issues have also become common in industries. In this case, the industries rely on computer scientists to resolve these issues and define solutions. The complete training for the computer and information scientist requires a Ph.D. program to learn in-depth disciplines of computer and software engineering. Students can also earn an MPS degree to advance their careers with professional IT skills. Professional degrees support one’s career for advancement and leverage their IT skills to help them reach on top of leadership roles. Not just that, but information scientists can earn up to $125,000 yearly.


Information technology manager is another career that is seen prominent for high paid IT jobs in recent years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the information technology manager jobs are going to increase with up to 11% in the coming years. With these figures, earning a degree in the information technology manager can be the best possible IT position with a fulfilling salary. The IT managers look out the computer-related tasks like managing the computer needs, software upgrades, and issues. Since employers always seek experts with relevant educational backgrounds, professionals recommend earning a professional master’s degree. This degree will not only train you for essential skills, but it will also aid in landing the first job.


The technological advancement has upgraded the traditional means of running a business with more advanced tools. Now every company is making use of the network technology for a variety of marketing and customer-related tasks. Moreover, they also need secure and trouble-free networks to ensure the long-running of business operations. In this case, many colleges offer programs of Computer Network Technology that trains students to install, monitor, and troubleshoot networks. The network specialist is responsible for providing security advice and monitors any breach activity in the company. The average salary for job positions of computer network specialists is around $82,050.


Web Development is another major program, which is picking up a lot of attention heat for the past few years. This degree program teaches the students development of websites and web applications by using a variety of programming languages and tools. Moreover, the degree teaches all the essential skills to implement different features and managing the sites for the company. Many companies now focus on the development of a website and hire web developers to maintain an online presence. The average salary of web developers is around $75,487.


System software engineers work closely with the principles of computer science to design and monitor the working of computer software. System software engineers are considered as the heart of the industry’s computing system. They manage all tasks for the development of new operating systems, testing software modules, business applications, and controlling databases. Students are required to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in system software engineering along with different subjects like mathematics and management. The software engineers earn salaries up to $114,000 annually.


We all have heard the typical saying that data is the new oil. Data is the most critical element that takes a lot of considerations and concepts to become useful for companies. Many companies have to use the data to make more significant decisions and steps for business operations. It is the data that builds the relationship between businesses and customers. Data Modeler, for instance, develops conceptual and understandable data models for binary conversion in computers. They also fix the redundancy and irrelevant data from the computer systems to improve the data transfer. Later on, this data is used by architects to make it useful for the company. The salary for the data modelers ranges from $75,000 to $103,000 yearly.


Applications architects work closely with software developers to design more interactive and functional software applications. Moreover, they also explain application functionality to the users and the company’s employees to fulfill their needs. The main job of the application architect is to maximize the interaction with the system and minimizing the possible issues. The degree trains students for communicating with clients and developers for the limitations and requirements of the source code. The median salary for the applications architect is $115,110 annually.


Data breaches have become prevalent, which makes a significant threat for the larger companies. Every business needs cybersecurity to secure its network and system for data breaches and hackers. This degree program teaches students in-depth details of the network and potential security factors. Cybersecurity experts are responsible for monitoring the networks for anomalies and defending the systems from a malicious attack. The cybersecurity experts earn a salary of up to $93,638 annually.


Every business maintains some sort of database to store important information or data of the customers and company. This data can be used for marketing campaigns and many other important decisions for the company. For that, many colleges offer Database Manager programs to train students for storing different data by reducing redundancy and data loss.  The median salary for the database manager is $129,000 annually.


The role of IT auditors is to collect the information for IT operations for practices and accounting. This information audit is used to report to the company owners to ensure that the IT departments comply with the regulations. IT auditors also mentions the issues and anomalies with the network and propose a solution to fix the problem. Earning a professional degree in the IT auditors can assist you in stepping on professional grounds. The salary midpoints for the IT auditors are between the ranges of $51,000 to $76,000 yearly.


Information Technology offers countless opportunities for professionals to land highly-paying jobs. Nearly every company needs experts to fill the positions in the IT department because of the advancement of technology. While choosing a degree, consider your interest in the specific field. Your decisions for the career path will represent your professional life, which you do not want to dread for later on.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 08:24

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