How To Prevent Power Trips

According to the recent past, most people have relied on electricity supply, according to how they spent their time

How To Prevent Power Trips

According to the recent past, most people have relied on electricity supply, according to how they spent their time. Whether watching tv or listening to podcasts or songs, most of the time, we have spent it around the use of electricity. That said, there has been an increase in the number of phone calls to electrical companies because of lack of power. Most of these power outages have been caused by circuit trips. Quite a number are caused by socket overload or a fault in the circuit.

However, a power outage because of tripping does not need you to contact an electrician. Though if you would rather have professional assistance, Same day trades will gladly offer it. If you have frequent power trips, follow these guidelines:

Locate your consumer unit

Find out where your consumer unit is. Most homes have it under the stairs in a cupboard or garage.

Check Residual Current Device (RCD)

In any power outage that is caused by tripping, the RCDs are the most probable cause. Turn it on, but if you experience the problem again, then your circuit has a problem. Now, depending on your type of RCD, switch off all the circuit breakers found on the left or right.

You can reset the RCD while the circuits are off. You will know there is a problem with your RCD if it doesn’t reset and if so, call for an electrician Adelaide.

Investigate if the circuit has a problem

At times you will experience a trip if a particular socket is overloaded. To determine whether the cause of the trip was because of appliances plugged in, check the switches. Check the controls on the consumer unit, and you will some labeled according to what they relate to, for example, sockets and cooker.

Now to test the sockets unplug every appliance connected to the circuit. Now go ahead and rest the RCD; it should come back on immediately. However, same day trades advise you to call a qualified electrician to look into the matter further.

Faulty Gadgets

If following the above steps, your RCD resets, then the cause of the tripping is by one of your appliances. Now follow the steps above, and if while resetting the circuit breaker, the RCD trips again, then this particular circuit is causing the problem. Leave this specific circuit break off and disconnect any appliances connected to it. For example, if the circuit supplies sockets, unplug whatever is connected, and if it's for lighting, put them off. Call an electrical company for professional services.

On the other hand, if pugging any appliance causes power to trip, the gadget is faulty. Same day trades highly recommend either replacing this gadget or changing its socket to handle a higher power outage.

To avoid having power trips, avoid leaving appliances that are not currently in use plugged. Avoid overloading sockets and spread appliances across various sockets. Look out for damaged gadgets, especially soot marks around the plug and fraying of the code.

Updated Date: 23 September 2021, 18:18

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