How to Trigger FXNow on Apple TV

FXNow offers On-Demand video streaming for iOS and Android users. The service also allows a subscriber to watch FX shows on their smart TV. This feature means you can access FX on Apple TV. Before you can enjoy this service, you will have to trigger your FX accounts on the device you're using.

How to Trigger FXNow on Apple TV

FXNow activation takes you to have a fantastic subscription to cable tv. The cable subscription will then allow you to get FX channels on the app. Your subscription has to include FX channels to enjoy streaming with the app. The steps for setting up the service are discussed below.

Activating FXNOW on Apple TV
Follow these steps to download, install, and activate FXNow on Apple TV:

Measure #1
Download the Fox program on Apple TV. The program generally comes pre-installed on the latest versions of apple TV. But if your TV doesn't have the app you can download it from the app store. If FXNow doesn't work Apple TV, then you'll have to reinstall and uninstall it.

Measure #2
Wait for the app to install, then click on it to start. You should find'trigger TV' on the homepage. Click it to initiate the activation procedure.

Measure #3
Wait patiently for an activation code to appear on your display. Notice it down carefully since you'll want it to trigger FXNow on your Apple TV.

Measure #4
Open your browser on your computer, iPhone, or Android apparatus, then navigate to to log into. The log in details would be the username and password in the TV subscription.

Measure #5
Await the program to log you in, and after it does, go to the profile choice under"my device". Type in the listed code in step 3 above and click on Activate. It's very important to note that the code shown is case sensitive therefore, all letters, numbers and symbols must be entered exactly the same way they appear on screen. Complete this process within a short time as the code generally changes over time.

As soon as you've entered the code properly your Apple TV is going to be triggered. You will have the ability to access all content that's available on your present subscription package.

In case FXNow not working on Apple TV, it might be because of an issue during activation. Repeat the steps above to activate the accounts.

In the event that you were wondering how can you trigger FXNow on Apple TV, ideally, these hints have come in handy. Be certain to follow all of the directions carefully for a smooth set up process.

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