If the iPads are too expensive: Tablets under 300 euros are also good

Stiftung Warentest tests 18 current tablets.

If the iPads are too expensive: Tablets under 300 euros are also good

Stiftung Warentest tests 18 current tablets. Samsung's flagships draw level with the Apple iPad Pro duo in the upper class, but they are just as expensive. But many inexpensive devices are also good, some of which cost less than 300 euros.

Gone are the days when inexpensive tablets weren't a pleasure to use. Of 18 new devices that Stiftung Warentest had in its laboratories, 14 are good, 6 of which cost less than 300 euros.

Among the large tablets with screen diagonals over 11.8 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G (256 GB) drew level with the iPad Pro with an overall rating of 1.7. The device offers a very good display, great versatility and good endurance and handling. However, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is even 70 euros more expensive than Apple's flagship with an average online price of 1400 euros.

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, which is available for around 800 euros and received a quality rating of 1.9, is significantly cheaper. It also has a very good screen, lasts even longer than the test winner and offers good handling. It was only rated as satisfactory for its versatility.

In the standard size of up to 11.8 inches, the smaller Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G also achieved an overall rating of 1.7 and is now on a par with the iPad Pro. The device, which costs 900 euros, is easier to handle than its big brother and lasts even longer. However, its display is "only" good.

The new Apple iPad Air Wifi Cellular for 850 euros has a very good screen and is as versatile and easy to use as the test winner. Because its endurance is only satisfactory, it had to be satisfied with a quality rating of 1.9 and second place.

The Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8, which costs around 635 euros, achieved the same overall rating. The tablet was consistently rated well and barely missed a 1 for the display.

The third-placed Xiaomi Pad5, which is available for around 385 euros, is significantly cheaper. His stamina is very good, his versatility satisfactory. In all other categories, the examiners rated the tablet well and gave it a quality rating of 2.0.

The cheapest good tablet in this size class is the TCL 10 Tab Max 4G with an average online price of 234 euros and an overall rating of 2.2. Its display is good, its mileage is very good. Warentest rated handling and versatility as satisfactory.

Among the small tablets, the current Apple iPad mini Wifi Cellular (quality rating 1.9/720 euros) remains at the top, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 LTE (2.0/455 euros). The new Lenovo Tab M7 only received an overall rating of 2.7 because it is not particularly versatile. But for just 105 euros, it offers a good screen, is very durable and easy to handle.

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