Integrating Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is the leading enterprise resource management (ERP) tool. NetSuite ERP is used by millions of companies across the globe

Integrating Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is the leading enterprise resource management (ERP) tool. NetSuite ERP is used by millions of companies across the globe. Salesforce is also one of the most popular CRM, with lead generation, account management, and sales data management capabilities. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of integrating Salesforce with the NetSuite ERP. We will also explore the role of NetSuite solution providers in the process of this integration and discuss the importance of consistent NetSuite support. Let’s begin by answering some basic questions!

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based application that has dominated the ERP arena. It holds the title of the leading cloud-based ERP solution in the market and has a rich product portfolio. With features like financial management, revenue management, supply chain management, accounting, warehouse management, inventory management, etc.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM is a famous go-to solution for sales and service enablement. Over the years, Salesforce has acquired multiple companies and expanded its capabilities into marketing, analytics, healthcare, and much more. Furthermore, Salesforce provides a platform as a service (PaaS) – which empowers companies to have a one-in-all solution with ERP and CRM capabilities amalgamated within the platform.

Why should we integrate NetSuite with Salesforce?

Technological advancements have made it easy for companies to combine the power of a CRM and ERP solution in one platform through integration. This enables them to manage front and back-end operations efficiently. Many Salesforce users opt to integrate their system with NetSuite ERP to improve customer experience. Furthermore, by combining the two platforms, companies benefit from NetSuite support services and the versatile knowledge of top NetSuite consultants in terms of custom solutions for business growth.

For example, lengthy business processes such as managing invoices, sales orders, and estimates can become simple and error-free with the combined power of NetSuite ERP and Salesforce. Financial data becomes easily accessible in NetSuite when integrated with Salesforce. Let’s look at some more advantages of integrating NetSuite with Salesforce:

Improve lead to cash:

The integration of these two robust applications helps streamline the lead to cash process allowing for more revenue. The process is significantly improved as NetSuite data can be easily seen in Salesforce, empowering the sales team with data. This improves decision-making and helps prevent any unnecessary delays. It also helps create better synchronization between the sales and marketing teams. Improving lead to cash has a direct impact on profit and revenue.

Inventory management:

The combined powers of Salesforce and NetSuite ERP ensure that a company can update and manage its inventory smoothly, without any problems and delays. This is extremely beneficial for online business owners as it enables them to be updated on their inventory status in real-time. A streamlined inventory management process can help improve brand value and customer satisfaction for a company, which translates into smoother operations and more revenue.

Streamlined pricing/discounts/offers:

Companies often offer discounts to attract or retain their customers. When the NetSuite ERP is integrated with Salesforce, it automatically reflects the invoices updated in the ERP within the CRM. This automated flow means that companies do not have to spend hours re-logging the same information separately in the CRM. As a result, companies can easily review the financial data to decide whether they should offer a discount, how much they should offer, etc. The process of pricing, discounting, and seasonal offerings become easier and quicker with the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce.

Handle huge volumes of data

The integration of NetSuite and Salesforce has a positive impact on the decision-making capacity of a company. It enables companies to update huge volumes of data easily via the collective capabilities of the two systems. The collected data is easily accessible to the employees of the company. This process saves time and money for the company and helps them make quick, data-driven decisions.

Time efficiency with automation

Integrating these two robust solutions helps companies automate their business processes. This makes it easier for them to complete their orders on time as they can easily monitor the sales lifecycle via the system. With order management made easier, the company can focus on enhancing other processes. Additionally, the combined prowess of Salesforce and NetSuite ERP also helps companies improve their estimation capabilities, resulting in time efficiency.

What is a NetSuite solution provider?

NetSuite is a business applications specialist trained to deliver complete NetSuite solutions. These solutions range from NetSuite support, implementation, customizations, and integrations. A NetSuite solution provider has tested methodologies to help companies take on integrations and customizations such as Salesforce CRM and deliver on the client's exact needs. A solution provider has NetSuite implementation partners who can help cater to problems in the integration and have much more dedicated services than NetSuite. NetSuite has multiple global clients and cannot provide dedicated time and support to every client. However, NetSuite solution providers are not as big as NetSuite itself. They are both small and large enough to provide quality support and services!

For example, AlphaBOLD is a known NetSuite solution provider with unparalleled NetSuite support services. Its NetSuite services are centered around its BOLDRoute methodology, which is crafted to help customers own their ERP systems. Their NetSuite developers have years of experience implementing, integrating, and customizing NetSuite for our clients.

Why is NetSuite support important?

Despite being the leading ERP platform in the market, the NetSuite ERP cannot make all problems go away in a flash. NetSuite support services are the key to ongoing success and a smooth integration process. NetSuite solution providers provide support services to their clients. For example, AlphaBOLD's dedicated NetSuite developers help implement and integrate NetSuite for customers. NetSuite support services include training and onboarding. Concerning NetSuite and Salesforce, NetSuite support services can help train the company's employees to optimize their work with the new capabilities introduced by the integration.


NetSuite and Salesforce are two amazing platforms with a myriad of capabilities for their users. When integrated, they become an even more advanced platform that helps clients significantly modernize the way they do business.

Date Of Update: 12 June 2022, 11:46

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